Jacki Lyden http://wemu.org en The Art Of A Lost American Couturier, On Display At The Met http://wemu.org/post/art-lost-american-couturier-display-met Thursday in New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art officially reopens its fashion galleries after a $40 million, two-year renovation.<p>Named for <em>Vogue</em> magazine's editor, the Anna Wintour Costume Center features an inaugural exhibit of the work of Charles James, a flamboyant designer considered America's first couturier. Thu, 08 May 2014 11:58:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 45545 at http://wemu.org The Art Of A Lost American Couturier, On Display At The Met Violence Abroad Threatens Students, As Do Guns At U.S. Schools http://wemu.org/post/violence-abroad-threatens-students-do-guns-us-schools Last year, there were more than two-dozen shootings on or near college campuses in the United States. This past Tuesday, that number went up, with <a href="http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=265259128">the fatal shooting of a student at Purdue University</a>. Then Friday, <a href="http://www.npr.org/2014/01/25/266014201/suspect-arrested-charged-in-fatal-campus-shooting">a fatal shooting at South Carolina State University</a>. Sat, 25 Jan 2014 17:06:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 40652 at http://wemu.org Violence Abroad Threatens Students, As Do Guns At U.S. Schools New York Underground: Exploring City Caves And Catacombs http://wemu.org/post/new-york-underground-exploring-city-caves-and-catacombs Urban explorer Steve Duncan goes underground, examining the hidden infrastructure of major cities all over the world: their tunnels, subways and sewers. Late in 2010, NPR's Jacki Lyden joined Duncan and a group of subterranean adventurers in New York. (This story originally aired on <em>All Things Considered</em> on Jan. 2, 2011.) <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2013 NPR. Sat, 14 Sep 2013 21:37:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 35006 at http://wemu.org Bespoke Suits And Perfect Cravats At 'Dandy' Exhibit http://wemu.org/post/bespoke-suits-and-perfect-cravats-dandy-exhibit When you hear the word dandy, what do you think of?<p>Maybe the song "Yankee Doodle Dandy," which dates all the way back to the Revolutionary War, and compares the colonists to foppish, effeminate idiots: the dandies.<p>But a summer exhibit at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum, closing Aug. 18, aims to reclaim the term. It explores dandyism through the ages, linking to the cutting edge of men's fashion and style. The name of the show is "Artist, Rebel, Dandy: Men of Fashion" — which does still leave you wondering what you might see.<br /> Sat, 03 Aug 2013 22:38:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 33101 at http://wemu.org Bespoke Suits And Perfect Cravats At 'Dandy' Exhibit Remembering Aldo Leopold, Visionary Conservationist And Writer http://wemu.org/post/remembering-aldo-leopold-visionary-conservationist-and-writer <em>"There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot. These essays are the delights and dilemmas of one who cannot. Like winds and sunsets, wild things were taken for granted until progress began to do away with them. Mon, 11 Mar 2013 05:58:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 26588 at http://wemu.org Sounds From Space, Recorded By An Astronaut http://wemu.org/post/sounds-space-recorded-astronaut Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield arrived at the International Space Station late last month. He has kept busy updating his Twitter followers about life in space. For those on Earth wondering what space sounds like, Hadfield has recorded the sounds of everyday life aboard the ISS, including a toilet flushing. Sun, 13 Jan 2013 22:12:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 24199 at http://wemu.org Around The River Bend, A Flood Of History http://wemu.org/post/around-river-bend-flood-history The Bark River is my backyard, childhood river. And yet, in a lifetime of travel, I'd never explored it.<p>I knew it carved the land from the Ice Age to settlement times, from the Black Hawk War of 1832 (in which young Abraham Lincoln appears) to the era of grist mills. But the Bark also flows past impressive Indian mounds. Sun, 28 Oct 2012 19:18:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 21270 at http://wemu.org Around The River Bend, A Flood Of History Meet Al Black: Florida's Prison Painter http://wemu.org/post/meet-al-black-floridas-prison-painter In the 1960s, Al Black could be found cruising up and down Route 1 in his blue-and-white Ford Galaxy — with a trunk full of wet landscape paintings.<p>At the time, he was a salesman who could snatch your breath away and sell it back to you. As artist Mary Ann Carroll puts it, he could "sell a jacket to a mosquito in summer."<p>"A salesman is a con-man," Black readily admits himself today. He's a storyteller. And does he have stories to tell.<p>Black was born on a plantation in Mississippi. One day, he says, a crew boss came by, needing more hands to pick crops. Thu, 05 Jul 2012 07:15:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 16129 at http://wemu.org Meet Al Black: Florida's Prison Painter The Highwaymen: Segregation And Speed-Painting In The Sunshine State http://wemu.org/post/highwaymen-segregation-and-speed-painting-sunshine-state In the 1960s and '70s, if you were in a doctor's office, or a funeral home, or a motel in Florida, chances are a landscape painting hung on the wall. Palms arching over the water, or moonlight on an inlet. Wed, 04 Jul 2012 16:24:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 16123 at http://wemu.org The Highwaymen: Segregation And Speed-Painting In The Sunshine State Chanticleer: A Botanical Distraction From Daily Life http://wemu.org/post/chanticleer-botanical-distraction-daily-life Ever wanted to just disappear into a secret garden of earthly delights, of twists and turns of evocative ruin, exuberant tropics, the Zen of a Japanese teahouse?<p>Consider Chanticleer, in Wayne, Pa. It's part of the old Main Line ring of estates around Philadelphia. In fact, right across the street from the garden is the former home of Helen Hope Montgomery Scott, the heiress portrayed by Katherine Hepburn in <em>Philadelphia Story</em>.<p>Chanticleer is, quite simply, one of the most delightful gardens in the world. Sun, 17 Jun 2012 20:03:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 15339 at http://wemu.org Chanticleer: A Botanical Distraction From Daily Life Athena's Library, The Quirky Pillar Of Providence http://wemu.org/post/athenas-library-quirky-pillar-providence With a bit of reverence, librarians carefully wind an antique library clock near the circulation desk in a temple of learning called the Providence Athenaeum.<p>This is one of the oldest libraries in the United States, a 19th-century library with the soul of a 21st-century rave party. In fact, the Rhode Island institution has been called a national model for civic engagement.<p>A bust of the Greek goddess Athena surveys her realm from the open mezzanine above the main floor. Shafts of light fall gracefully through an atrium. Sat, 25 Feb 2012 11:10:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 10174 at http://wemu.org Athena's Library, The Quirky Pillar Of Providence Iraqi Refugees Struggle For Peace In America http://wemu.org/post/iraqi-refugees-struggle-peace-america The Iraq War may be officially over, but for thousands of Iraqis who fled to America during the conflict, there's no going home. Many left successful careers to settle in Detroit, where finding their future is a challenge.<p>The U.N. estimates several million Iraqis are now refugees — either inside Iraq or outside the country. Sat, 31 Dec 2011 11:16:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 7643 at http://wemu.org Iraqi Refugees Struggle For Peace In America The Simple Joys Of An Old-Fashioned Datebook http://wemu.org/post/simple-joys-old-fashioned-datebook What if you could hold on to time in your hands? You can, you know. You can crack open, on this New Year's Eve, the unsullied, unhurried, un-trammeled pages of an old-fashioned datebook — the kind that still arranges seven days into a week; the kind you write in with a pen and which never, ever, beeps at you to remind you of a meeting or errand.<p>I have two friends, who have been making date books, by hand, for 30 years. Their small company Purgatory Pie Press, in lower Manhattan. Fri, 30 Dec 2011 22:47:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 7635 at http://wemu.org Daphne Guinness: An Icon On Fashion's Cutting Edge http://wemu.org/post/daphne-guinness-icon-fashions-cutting-edge A good friend of mine is a Marcel Proust scholar and former milliner. She had just been to see fashion icon and brewery fortune heiress <a href="http://www.fitnyc.edu/10861.asp">Daphne Guinness's exhibition</a> at the Fashion Institute of Technology's Museum at FIT in New York when she sent me this email:<p><blockquote><p>"Woke up thinking about Proust &amp; DG again, realizing that Proust writes from the intersection of modernity and memory, and that is the same spot at which Daphne Guinness gets dressed each day. Sun, 13 Nov 2011 21:31:00 +0000 Jacki Lyden 5452 at http://wemu.org Daphne Guinness: An Icon On Fashion's Cutting Edge