primary election en Ann Arbor City Council Primary Results Find One Incumbent Out <p>Voters in Ann Arbor's fourth City Council ward went with the challenger over the incumbent in Tuesday's Democratic primary.</p><p>Un-officials results showed Jack Eaton with 60% of the vote, to incumbent Marcia Higgins' 40%.&nbsp;&nbsp; Eaton is not expected to be challenged for the seat in November.</p><p>Third ward voters narrowly favored incumbent Stephen Kunselman over challenger Julie Grand, 52% to 48%.&nbsp; Kunselman will take on independent candidate Samuel DeVarti this fall.</p> Wed, 07 Aug 2013 01:58:07 +0000 Bob Eccles 33239 at Whitmore Lake Voters Reject Bond Issue <p>Whitmore Lake Schools voters soundly rejected a $12.3 million bond issue Tuesday.&nbsp; Superintendent Kim Hart says the un-official tally wasn't close: 690 "no" votes to 310 "yes" votes.</p><p>She says the main complaint the district heard from voters was that their taxes were already too high, particularly in Northville Township and Washtenaw County.</p><p>Hart says some tough decisions will have to be made going forward, because at this point any money needed for things the district needs to repair, remodel or replace will come directly out of the classroom.</p> Wed, 07 Aug 2013 01:35:58 +0000 Bob Eccles 33238 at Ann Arbor City Council Primary Races <p>Ann Arbor City Council will have three new faces, after Tuesday&#39;s Democratic primary elections. WEMU&#39;s Andrew Cluley reports.</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2012 13:06:52 +0000 Andrew Cluley 17708 at Primary Election Results: County Commissioner <p>Andy Labarre last night defeated former Washtenaw County Commissioner Christina Montague in the race for the Commission&#39;s new, 7th District seat. WEMU&#39;s Andrew Cluley reports.</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2012 13:04:06 +0000 Andrew Cluley 17707 at More Primary Election Results <p>In Dexter Township, James Drolett has won the republican primary for Supervisor, defeating Kathryn Bowring.&nbsp; Drolett will face incumbent Democrat Pat Kelly in November.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In the Dexter Township Republican primary for the Treasurer&#39;s post, Libby Brushaber has defeated Mark Wojno.&nbsp; Brushaber faces no opposition in November.<br /><br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;In the Republican primary for Bridgwater Township&#39;s Board of Trustees, incumbent trustee David Faust and newcomer Wes Cowden won yesterday&#39;s vote.&nbsp; Both will be unopposed in November. Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:52:15 +0000 Clark Smith 17685 at Primary Election Results: Augusta Township <p>It&#39;ll be incumbent Democrat Pete Hafler facing Republican Brian Shelby in November for Augusta Township Supervisor.&nbsp; Both won their respective primaries yesterday.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In the Augusta Township Clerk&#39;s race, incumbent Democrat Kathy Giszczak and Republican Kathleen McDonald won yesterday&#39;s primary and will square off in November.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Challenger Linda Dew appears to have won the Democratic primary for Augusta Township Treasurer yesterday, defeating incumbent Susan Burek by less than one percent. Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:47:15 +0000 Clark Smith 17684 at Primary Election Results: Ballot Proposals <p>Overall, ballot propositions fared well in yesterday&#39;s voting in Washtenaw County.&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Superior Township voters said &#39;yes&#39; to three money issues for police and fire services, and for a fund to defend the township&#39;s master plan and zoning ordinances.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Manchester voters approve a millage increase for fir protection services, and York Township voters said &#39;yes&#39; to a millage renewal for public safety services. Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:45:11 +0000 Clark Smith 17683 at Primary Election Results: Ypsilanti Township <p>In Ypsilanti Township, the Residents First team slate of incumbents soundly defeated the challengers from the Y-Town Future team except in the Parks Commission race.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Brenda Stumbo is back in for another term as township supervisor;&nbsp; Karen Lovejoy-Roe remains township clerk, and Larry Doe remains Township Treasurer. &nbsp; Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:43:06 +0000 Clark Smith 17682 at Primary Election Results: County Races <p>Evan Pratt has won the democratic primary to be Washtenaw County&#39;s next Water Resources Commissioner.<br />Pratt will face Republican Eric Sheie&nbsp; in the November general election. &nbsp;<br /><br />In the non-incumbent 22nd circuit court race, James Fink and Carol Kuhnke were the top two vote-getters and will advance to the November ballot.<br /><br />And,&nbsp; in the new 7th district county commissioner democratic primary, Andy LaBarre defeated Christina Montague by a nearly two to one margin.&nbsp; LaBarre will face Republican David Parker in November.</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:40:52 +0000 Clark Smith 17681 at Primary Election Results: STATE HOUSE RACES <p>Incumbent Democrat Jeff Irwin has won nomination for another term in yesterday&#39;s primary voting in the 53rd state house district.&nbsp; Irwin will face republican John Spisak in November.<br />&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; In the 55th district democratic primary, Adam Zemke defeated Andrea Brown Harrison and will face republican Owen Diaz in November.</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:37:51 +0000 Clark Smith 17680 at Ypsilanti Primary Election Results <p>INCUMBENT LOIS RICHARDSON HELD OFF CHALLENGERS STEVE PIERCE AND TYRONE BRIDGES TO KEEP HER FIRST WARD SEAT ON YPSILANTI CITY COUNCIL.&nbsp; RICHARDSON GATHERED JUST OVER FIFTY PERCENT OF FIRST WARD VOTES.&nbsp;</p><p>INCUMBENT PETE MURDOCK EASILY FENDED OFF CHALLENGERS TED WINDISH AND MIKE ELLER TO RETAIN HIS THIRD WARD SEAT ON CITY COUNCIL.</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:30:46 +0000 Bob Eccles 17679 at Ann Arbor Primary Results <p>ANN ARBOR CITY COUNCIL WILL BE GETTING THREE NEW FACES AS A RESULT OF YESTERDAY&#39;S PRIMARY ELECTIONS.&nbsp;</p><p>IN ANN ARBOR&#39;S FIRST WARD SUMI KAILASAPATHY&nbsp; DEFEATED ERIC STURGIS WITH 58 PERCENT OF THE VOTE.</p><p>SECOND WARD INCUMBENT TONY DEREZINSKI FELL TO SALLY HART PETERSEN, 55 PERCENT TO 45 PERCENT.</p><p>THE FIFTH WARD SAW CHUCK WARPEHOSKI CLAIM 56 PERCENT OF THE VOTE OVER VIVIENNE ARMENTROUT.&nbsp; WARPEHOSKI WILL FACE&nbsp; REPUBLICAN STUART BERRY IN THE NOVEMBER GENERAL ELECTION.</p> Wed, 08 Aug 2012 07:28:23 +0000 Andrew Cluley 17678 at A2 Primary Election Day Preview <p>Voters are at the polls today, and in Ann Arbor there are primary races in four of the city&#39;s five wards. WEMU&#39;s Andrew Cluley reports.</p> Tue, 07 Aug 2012 14:51:07 +0000 Andrew Cluley 17634 at A2 5th Ward Primary Race <p>In Ann Arbor&#39;s 5th&nbsp; ward, Current councilman Carston Hohnke is not seeking re-election. Voters will choose from a pair of familiar faces seeking to fill that seat. WEMU&#39;s Andrew Cluley provides a preview.</p> Mon, 06 Aug 2012 12:46:48 +0000 Andrew Cluley 17561 at