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We thank you for understanding that as a public radio station, our first priority by both community mission and FCC mandate is over the air broadcasting. This requires that our technical budget must be used foremost to preserve the integrity of our on-air signal.

This means we do not have unlimited capacity for internet listeners. Connection failures and skipping audio will occur when too many users are trying to connect at once.

While you are always welcome to contact us, we will respond with troubleshooting advice to the best of our ability. However, we do have the following troubleshooting hints available to assist listeners on their own. 

Email if you're having issues with WEMU's live stream and indicate the device and browser you're using.

WEMU’s MP3 steam is supported by a wide range of software for various platforms. Though, 

The top cause of problems connecting to WEMU with an MP3 player:

  • Web browser helper application configuration. Not all web browsers are configured to automatically hand off the WEMU MP3 webcast URL to the proper player application - even if that application is installed on the system. Correcting this problem varies by browser and platform. Please review the support documentation for your system. The quickest workaround is to open the URL directly in the MP3 player application.

Windows Media Player & Media Player for Macintosh

The top 3 causes of problems connecting to WEMU with Windows Media Player are:

  • Misconfigured software. Microsoft’s support web site can give you help in verifying that your Media Player software is installed an configured correctly.
  • Insufficient bandwidth. The available bandwidth that connects you to the internet may be insufficient to support streaming audio. For help in determining whether bandwidth is a factor please contact you internet service provider.
  • Connections already in use. WEMU does not have the resources to deliver an unlimited amount of live streams over the web. It is possible, at any given time, all the available stream connections may be in use by other listeners.