Pokemon Go
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You don't have to be a video game player to have noticed the current craze of people playing "Pokemon Go" on their cell phones.  It's had an impact on local players in the community.

Michigan Supreme Court
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Governor Rick Snyder has asked the Michigan Supreme Court to tell him whether a part of the new state budget complies with the state constitution.

Cell Phone
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A new law will help victims of domestic violence separate their cell phone contracts from their accused abusers.

6th Circuit Court of Appeals
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The US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals says booking photos in federal cases are not automatically available to the public.  

Eastern Michigan University held an ice cream social to welcome its 23rd president, James Smith.

Eric Lipson

Eric Lipson is running to be a Representative to Ann Arbor City Council for the Fourth Ward.  This is his submision to WEMU's "Soapbox Summer."  

Lisa Cardenas

Lisa Cardenas is running to be elected to the Michigan House of Representatives as the Representative from the 54th District.  This is her submission for WEMU's "Soapbox Summer." 

Michigan Theater
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The weather outside is still hot and rainy, which is perfect for a trip to your local movie house.  In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's David Fair talks to Michigan Theater executive director Russ Collins about the movie business and all the movies hitting the big screen this weekend.

Candidates for Ann Arbor’s 5th Ward debated at the city’s Community Television Network studios last night.

Jay Sinclair

Eastern Michigan University has extended its appeal response time to a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the potential sale of its Kresge Environmental Center.



Rick Jones
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Legislation to make attacks on LGBT people a hate crime in Michigan was rolled out Wednesday with the support of at least two Republican state lawmakers. 

Voting Booths
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Democrats are calling for an amendment to the state constitution they say will make voting easier in Michigan. 

On this week's program Omari and I talk about the works on display in the Ann Arbor Art Center's recent "Real American" Exhibition Gallery.

Catherine McClary is running for re-election to the position of Treasurer for Washtenaw County.  This is her WEMU "Soapbox Summer" submission.  

Steven Kwasny

Steven Kwasny is running for election to the Michigan House of Representatives in the 53rd District.  This is his submission to WEMU's "Soapbox Summer." 

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Summer brings hordes of mosquitos and several diseases along with them, including the Zika virus.  In this week's "Issues of the Environment," WEMU's David Fair talks to Emily Toth Martin, assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, about ways to protect ourselves from Zika, West Nile virus, and more. 

Candidates for Ann Arbor’s Ward 1 debated at the city’s Community Television Network studios last night. 

Candidates for Ann Arbor’s Ward 4 debated at the city’s Community Television Network studios last night.


School Bus
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The Ann Arbor's school board will meet today, and is expected to vote on an issue regarding bus transportation.


Wayne County
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Michigan’s largest county has formed a special unit focused on solving and prosecuting crimes against LGBT people. 

Jennifer Symanns

  Jennifer Symanns is a candidate for Ward 2 Representative on Ypsilanti City Council.  This is her submission for WEMU's "Soapbox Summer." 

Liz Dahl MacGregor

Liz Dahl MacGregor is running for City Council in Ward 3 of Ypsilanti.  This is her submission for WEMU's "Soapbox Summer."  

Dedicated To Make A Change

The recent police-related shootings across the country have sparked conversations about race and policing in Washtenaw County.

The City of Ypsilanti recently held a public forum on the issue to determine what they need to do about it.

I spoke with Gail Wolkoff, the founder of Dedicated To Make A Change, a youth empowerment group in Ypsilanti.  She was at the forum and gives her take of the situation.

Diane Giannola

  Diane Giannola is running for election as a City Council representative for Ann Arbor’s 4th ward.  This is her submission for WEMU's "Soapbox Summer."  



Hundreds of Ypsilanti residents filled the city’s high school auditorium Monday night for a community forum on policing and violence.