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Music Director, Linda Yohn hosts 89.1 Jazz  on 89.1 WEMU each weekday


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Russ Collins and the organization he heads, the Art House Convergence, made global news this week by agreeing to show the controversial movie 'The Interview'. listen to the story, and read the letter to Sony, below, that created a viral response. 

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What to do with all of your holiday waste?  In this week's Issues of the Environment David Fair gets the best tips from Christine Chessler-Stull, Recycle Ann Arbor's Outreach and Zero Waste Coordinator.

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Ann Arbor Housing Commission to place 42 new units.

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For many, a holiday meal could bring a little bit of cheer.

Michigan House Democrats

January could see state lawmakers taking on energy conservation.

The $1.2 billion goal won't be reached until 2018.

Ann Arbor film fans will get a chance to view the controversial film.

University of Michigan

The generous donation will go, in part, to study how democracies emerge from authoritarian rule.