The Two-Way
12:59 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

More Than 90 Dead, Thousands Displaced In Central American Floods

People observe the damage caused by a landslide on the Pan-American highway 55 Km south of Tegucigalpa.

Orlando Sierra AFP/Getty Images

For the past week, the rain across Central America has been relentless. The AFP reports that some places have received 47 inches over the course of a week.

The floods have killed nearly 100 people and displaced 700,000. The AFP has more:

The unusually heavy rainfall came as the region was pounded from one weather system from the Pacific and another from the Caribbean.

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12:49 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

The Informal Media Team Behind Occupy Wall Street

Colin Laws mans an Internet live-stream station in Zuccotti Park near Wall Street. He says he was inspired in part to join the protests by Hero Vincent, another member of the group's Livestream team.

Emmanuel Dunand AFP/Getty Images

Originally published on Mon September 16, 2013 2:38 pm

Protesters are not only occupying Lower Manhattan's Zuccotti Park; they're also occupying Twitter and other social media sites like Livestream, where visitors to the site can watch live footage from the protests.

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The Two-Way
12:45 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Windy City Indeed: 25-Foot Waves Likely Along Chicago Shoreline Today

Waves were already crashing along Chicago's shore with Lake Michigan earlier today.

High winds, heavy rain and waves of up to 25 feet are forecast for later today along Chicago's shore with Lake Michigan.

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It's All Politics
12:25 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Perry-Romney Feud Over Illegal Workers Took Oddly Long Time To Develop

Mitt Romney and Texas Gov. Rick Perry clash at Republican presidential debate, Oct. 18, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nv.

Ethan Miller Getty Images

Originally published on Thu October 20, 2011 12:43 pm

With all the time he's had to prepare since 2008 when he last ran for president, you might have thought Mitt Romney would have come up with a more persuasive and sympathetic defense to the charge that illegal immigrants once worked on his Massachusetts property.

And with all the news coverage that issue got during the 2008 presidential campaign, including being raised in GOP debates, you might have also thought that Texas Gov. Rick Perry would have resorted to the story sooner to put Romney on the defensive and counter Romney's immigration attacks on him.

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12:11 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

'Mother Of All Strikes' Brings Greece To A Standstill

A riot policeman's clothing catches fire after being hit by a gasoline bomb during clashes with protesters Wednesday outside the Greek Parliament in Athens.

Thanassis Stavrakis AP

Originally published on Wed October 19, 2011 1:18 pm

Anger over proposed new austerity measures boiled over in Greece on Wednesday as unions shut down the country with what one newspaper called "the mother of all strikes."

Flights were grounded, and state offices and shops were shuttered on the first day of a 48-hour general strike, the biggest organized protest against austerity since the debt crisis began almost two years ago.

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The Two-Way
12:11 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

Mario Andretti: 'No Tension' With Jimmie Johnson Over Indy Car Tragedy

Mario Andretti.

Robert Laberge Getty Images

In the aftermath of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon's death Saturday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, there's been a passionate discussion going on in the racing world about whether it was just too risky to have open-wheel-style cars on an oval track with banked turns designed for NASCAR races.

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The Salt
12:07 pm
Wed October 19, 2011

School Lunch Potato Fight Gets The Colbert Treatment

You know that a political food fight may be a teensy bit out of hand when it becomes fodder for late night TV. And that's exactly what happened last night to the long-running saga of the subsidized school lunch spud.

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Shots - Health Blog
11:55 am
Wed October 19, 2011

Teens' Sexual Attitudes Affected By TV And Mom

Even with a strong maternal relationship, teenage boys who watch a lot of TV acquire their attitudes toward sex from gender stereotypes seen on the tube, a new study says.

Andrea K. Gingerich

Originally published on Wed October 19, 2011 2:05 pm

Movies, music and video games always seem to get a bad rap for flooding teenagers' minds with sex. The all-you-can-watch buffet of television is no exception.

A heavy, TV-watching habit makes teens who don't have close relationships with their mothers more likely to have looser attitudes about sex, according to a study of about a thousand 16-year-olds in Belgium. Teens were surveyed about the amount of TV they watched, how close they were with their moms and their attitudes on sex.

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11:18 am
Wed October 19, 2011

At 105, Chinese Linguist Now A Government Critic

Zhou Youguang, founder of the Pinyin system of romanizing the Chinese language, has published 10 books since turning 100, some reflecting his critical views of the Chinese government. Shown here in his book-lined study, the outspoken Zhou has witnessed a century of change in China.

Louisa Lim NPR

Originally published on Wed October 19, 2011 11:59 pm

Zhou Youguang should be a Chinese hero after making what some call the world's most important linguistic innovation: He invented Pinyin, a system of romanizing Chinese characters using the Western alphabet.

But instead, this 105-year-old has become a thorn in the government's side. Zhou has published an amazing 10 books since he turned 100, some of which have been banned in China. These, along with outspoken views on the Communist Party and the need for democracy in China, have made him a "sensitive person" — a euphemism for a political dissident.

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11:17 am
Wed October 19, 2011

The 'Informal Economy' Driving World Business

Robert Neuwirth is an investigative journalist. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, Newsday and The Nation.

Courtesy of the author

More than half of all employed people worldwide work off the books. And that number is expected to climb over the next decade.

"Estimates are that the informal economy around the world is [worth] about $10 trillion a year," says journalist Robert Neuwirth. "That's an astounding figure because what it means, basically, is that if the informal economy was combined in one country, it would be the second-largest economy on Earth, rivaling the United States economy."

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