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2:04 pm
Wed September 21, 2011

ATF Says Bomb Behind Michigan Car Explosion

A screen shot of the burning car.
screenshot Monroe News via YouTube

This is not news you hear everyday:

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1:40 pm
Wed September 21, 2011

It's The End For R.E.M.: Band Decides To 'Call It A Day"

R.E.M.'s 15th studio album, Collapse Into Now, was released in March.
Courtesy of the artist

Originally published on Wed September 21, 2011 2:14 pm

This message has been posted on official website of R.E.M., which as our friends over at NPR Music have said is one of the legendary rock bands of the last 30 years:

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1:24 pm
Wed September 21, 2011

Reports: Hewlett-Packard May Tap Meg Whitman To Be Its CEO

Meg Whitman, on April 12, 2011, at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.
Tom Pennington Getty Images

Meg Whitman, the former eBay CEO and 2010 Republican candidate for governor of California, may be Hewlett-Packard's next CEO.

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1:06 pm
Wed September 21, 2011

Typhoon Roke Lashes Japan With 100 MPH Winds

Typhoon Roke made landfall early this morning, bringing 100 mph winds to central Japan and moving northeast to an area already devastated by the earthquake and tsunami that struck in March.

Reuters reports on the typhoon's impact:

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Shots - Health Blog
11:58 am
Wed September 21, 2011

How You Might Turn Your Health Cost Story Into A Little Cash

Well, there's at least one good thing about the country's inability to control health costs. If you can write a compelling essay about a problem, you could win a thousand bucks.

Not to be outdone by health care inflation itself, this year's contest sponsored by the nonprofit group Costs of Care is awarding four prizes, up from two last year.

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Living Large: Obesity In America
11:06 am
Wed September 21, 2011

For Obese, Intimate Lives Often Suffer

In the CBS series Mike & Molly, Molly Flynn (Melissa McCarthy) and Mike Biggs (Billy Gardell) portray a healthy intimate relationship. While many obese people lead happy and healthy sex lives, therapists are seeing more obese people who say their intimate lives are suffering because of their weight.
Richard Cartwright AP/CBS

Originally published on Wed August 1, 2012 7:02 pm

Part of an ongoing series on obesity in America

It's well known that obesity can lead to a lot of health problems, but what's rarely talked about is the impact on people's sexual health. As the obesity rate has soared in the U.S., more and more marriage and family therapists are getting questions from obese clients about problems in the bedroom.

It's an issue that Dana Englehardt and her husband, Larry Boynton, of Belmont, Calif., know well.

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Peter Kenyon is NPR's international correspondent based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Prior to taking this assignment in 2010, Kenyon spent five years in Cairo covering Middle Eastern and North African countries from Syria to Morocco. He was part of NPR's team recognized with two Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University awards for outstanding coverage of post-war Iraq.

In addition to regular stints in Iraq, he has followed stories to Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco and other countries in the region.

David Greene is host of NPR's Morning Edition, with Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne.

For two years prior to taking on his current role in 2012, Greene was an NPR foreign correspondent based in Moscow covering the region from Ukraine and the Baltics, east to Siberia. During that time he brought listeners stories as wide ranging as Chernobyl 25 years later and Beatles-singing Russian Babushkas. He spent a month in Libya reporting riveting stories in the most difficult of circumstances as NATO bombs fell on Tripoli. He was honored with the 2011 Daniel Schorr Journalism Prize from WBUR and Boston University for that coverage of the Arab Spring.

10:38 am
Wed September 21, 2011

Two Americans Held In Iran Released On Bail

A million-dollar bail agreement secured the release Wednesday of Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, who had been sentenced to eight-year prison terms for illegal entry and espionage. A third American arrested with them, Sarah Shourd, was released last year. All denied any wrongdoing.

The Two-Way
10:11 am
Wed September 21, 2011

Live Blog: Obama Addresses U.N. General Assembly

President Obama addresses the opening of the Untied Nations General Assembly on Sept. 21 in New York City.
Spencer Platt Getty Images

In an address that focused on "the pursuit of peace," President Obama just told delegates at the U.N. General Assembly that people everywhere want "to live with dignity and freedom; to get an education and pursue opportunity; to love our families and our God."

It is world leaders' responsibility, he said, to build "the kind of peace that makes life worth living."

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