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Wed July 16, 2014

Charter Schools At Eastern Michigan University - An Overview

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Eastern Michigan University has been authorizing charter schools since the state of Michigan first passed laws allowing the practice in the early 1990s.
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Charter Schools at Eastern Michigan University - an overview by Dr. Malverne C. Winborne, Published July 14, 2014 Eastern Michigan University has been authorizing charter schools since the state of Michigan first passed laws allowing the practice in the early 1990s. The University is deeply experienced in overseeing charter schools, and has a clear goal in doing so.
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Wed July 16, 2014

Issues of the Environment: Sustainable Living On The 'Homestead'

The Gold Family's "Homemade Farm"
Credit Jason and Julia Gold / www.ourhandmadelife.com

Meet the Gold family from Superior Township. They've turned their land into an innovative,  self-sustaining property. 

Issues of the Environment: A sustainable homestead in Washtenaw County with Jason and Julia Gold.


The Gold family owns and operates a farming “homestead” in Washtenaw County known as “Our Handmade Life”, where they live a self-sustaining, green life and they offer courses to the public on how they do it.

The farm, on Vreeland Road, features a bio-intensive passive greenhouse (no fossil fuels!), the Michigan Folk School, dozens of varieties of organic produce, mushrooms, goats, and chickens.

Jason and Julia Gold have operated “Our Handmade Life” since 2011, and both the farm and the school have expanded every year since. They are currently offering classes on chicken butchering, earth ovens, soap making, fermentation, ale brewing, and much more.

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Wed July 16, 2014

State Seeks Public Comment On Proposed Fracking Rules

Credit michiganlcv.org

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters says now is the time for those concerned about how the state regulates hydraulic fracturing to speak up.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is holding public hearings to get input on proposed rules regarding "fracking". 

Jack Schmitt is deputy director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.  He says the rules as proposed fall far short.

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-Michigan News
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Wed July 16, 2014

Non-Union Construction Firms Attack Local Prevailing Wage Laws

Credit abcsemi.com

Non-union builders challenge local wage floors

An association of non-union construction companies has asked the state Supreme Court to strike down local prevailing wage laws. The Associated Builders and Contractors says a state law preempts the ordinances.

Nearly two dozen Michigan communities have their own prevailing wage ordinances. They're supposed to ensure that workers on city-financed projects are paid something close to union wages.

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Ann Arbor
4:57 am
Wed July 16, 2014

Ann Arbor Mayoral Candidates Share Thoughts On Affordable Housing And Homelessness

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Ann Arbor homeless advocates hope the large turnout at a mayoral forum on the issue will show it's a priority to voters.  If nothing else all four City Council members appearing on the democratic ballot for mayor pledged to commit financial and political capital to ending homelessness in the city by 2018.

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on Ann Arbor's mayoral forum focused on affordable housing and homeless issues.

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Wed July 16, 2014

Group Suing Over Scio Township Oil Drilling

Credit facebook.com/citizensforoilfreebackyards

The group Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards is taking the effort to prevent an exploratory well from being drilled in Scio Township to court.

The group would not say who it's targeting with the suit, but president Laura Robinson says the state Department of Environmental Quality failed when it issued a permit to West Bay Exploration Company. 

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards holds an informational meeting at 7 tonight at the Scio Township hall.

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Wed July 16, 2014

Better Farming Practices Needed To Avoid Algae Blooms

Satellite image of Lake Erie shows algae blooms.
Credit noaa.gov

If you've spent anytime boating on Lake Erie over the last few summers, you may very well have been diverted by huge patches of algae blooms.

It would appear you'll have the same issue later this summer.

Scientists predict another large toxic bloom will appear on the western side of Lake Erie this summer. The blooms are caused by excessive amounts of phosphorus and other chemicals typically found in agricultural run-off.

Don Scavia is Director of the Graham Sustainability Institute at the University of Michigan.

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Wed July 16, 2014

Research Park Drive Development Could Include Tennis Courts

Credit a2gov.org

Things could soon look a lot different on Ann Arbor's Research Park Drive near State Street.

City Council has approved a zoning change that will allow the currently vacant land to be developed for mixed-use purposes.

Developers have already submitted a plan for the area that includes an 8-court indoor/outdoor tennis facility as well as two five-story buildings for research, office or limited industrial uses. City Planner Jeff Kahan says the developer's plan for the other lots in the area is less detailed, but will be used for office and research buildings.

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Tue July 15, 2014

Ann Arbor Art Fair Kicks Off Wednesday

The Ann Arbor Art Fair
Flick / Adam Fagen/ Creative Commons

Nearly 1,000 artists have come to Ann Arbor to sell their work in this year's Art Fair.  About a half million visitors are expected at the 30 block event that is made up of 4 separate art fairs.

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley previews this year's Ann Arbor Art Fair.

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Tue July 15, 2014

Eastern Michigan University Social Work Professor Honored For Lifetime Fighting For Social Justice

Credit Eastern Michigan University

An Eastern Michigan University professor has been honored for her efforts in social work.  The Michigan chapter of the National Association of Social Workers gave Marjorie Ziefert a Lifetime Achievement award.    

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