Daniel W. Long


Daniel is an Ypsilanti native. A graduate of Willow Run Community Schools, he studies American Literature with a minor in Theatre, Media, and Communications at Eastern Michigan University. While his education path has been winding with several stops along the way, Daniel will graduate in April 2013 with his Bachelor's of Science. Daniel lives in Pittsfield Township with his wife, and their beautiful daughter.

Daniel came by jazz through his first love, 20th-century American Literature, when he was nineteen, and shortly thereafter found WEMU. After listening and being an active volunteer for the station for ten years, he was hired in 2010 to produce the program From Memphis to Motown. His first on-air opportunity came in August 2011, when he was asked to sit in for Nik Thompson on Saturday morning.

Daniel now produces for Michael Jewett in the afternoons, as well as hosting 89.1 Jazz on Sunday mornings.

89.1 Jazz with Daniel Long

Daniel has a philosophy of music that he has only recently been able to articulate: "While Jazz is an American tradition, it is a fabric woven of very fine threads. Early Jazz pioneers were inspired by the early Blues musicians, which were inspired by old gospel and work-song traditions, by family traditions, through ethnic ties. Each thread of Jazz, each tiny fiber, is closely interwoven with all the others to create the fabric of this beautiful tradition. Just as America was once called The Melting Pot, Jazz can be seen as the marriage of all the traditions that came before it."