David Fair

News Director

Nearly three-quarters of David Fair’s 20+ years in radio has been at WEMU. Since 1994, he has been on the air at 5am each weekday on 89.1 FM as the local host of NPR’s Morning Edition. Over the years, Fair has had the opportunity to interview nationally and internationally known politicians, activists and celebrities. But he feels the most important features and interviews have been with those who live and work here at home. He believes his professional passions and desires fit perfectly into WEMU’s commitment to serving a local audience.

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Theater and Art
8:55 am
Thu July 19, 2012

Beers, Brats, Music, and Movies


Amanda and David talk about movies and the Ann Arbor Art Fair. The Michigan Theater is still open during the Art Fair, so come on down!

Mill Creek Park Opening
9:05 am
Wed July 18, 2012

Parks and Creeks


This week David talks to  Allison Bishop, the Village of Dexter Community Development Manager about Mill Creek Park. After three years of hard work, Dexter's Mill Creek Park is set to open soon.

Hobbits and Ice ages
9:26 am
Thu July 12, 2012

Remembering Ernest Borgnine and More

Mark J. Terrill/AP

David and Russ remember Ernest Borgnine and talk about The Hobbit this week on Cinema Chat. They also talk about Ice Age: Continental Drift and mumblecore movies.

Clean Water Action
2:53 pm
Wed July 11, 2012

Start Your Engines

David talks to Susan Harley, the Michigan Policy Director of Clean Water Action about cleaning up old diesel engines and making new ones more environmentally friendly this week.

11:22 am
Fri July 6, 2012

First Friday Focus on the Environment

Voters may decide if Michigan must get 25%

of its energy from renewable sources by 2025.

Comic Books and More!
10:59 am
Thu July 5, 2012

Comic Con and Movies

David and Amanda talk about ComicCon and movies to go with it - or not - on this week's Cinema Chat from WEMU.

9:21 am
Thu July 5, 2012

Issues of the Environment

Au Sable Institute promotes environmental


Safe Chemicals Act
9:40 am
Wed June 27, 2012

The Safe Chemicals Act

This week, David talks to the Environmental Health Campaign Director for the Ann Arbor-based Ecology Center, Rebecca Muenink, about the new "Safe Chemicals Act" that's been stalled in Congress.

Homegrown Food, Homegrown Music
9:23 am
Wed June 20, 2012

Rapping for Local Food

This week, David talks to Lucas DiGia (a.k.a. "Homegrown"), who has been rapping for a decade and also works with  Project Grow in Ann Arbor. www.rapforfood.org

Weekend Movies
11:02 am
Thu June 14, 2012

Weekend Box Office Preview


David and Russ talk about Rock of Ages, Hysteria, and more movies showing this weekend on this week's Cinema Chat from WEMU.

9:47 am
Wed June 13, 2012

Issues of the Environment

Complete Streets role in sustainability

plan for Washtenaw County.

8:55 am
Fri June 1, 2012

First Friday Focus on the Environment

Fighting to  keep Asian carp out of the great lakes.


Movies and Festival and Snow White, Oh My!
10:32 am
Thu May 31, 2012

Cinetopia and Snow White

Cinetopia International Film Festival at the Michigan Theater

David and Russ talk to Amanda Bynum, the director of Cinetopia International Film Festival at the Michigan Theater and discuss 'the year of Snow White' that seems to be sweeping through the theaters.

Politics in Environmental Policy
10:18 am
Wed May 30, 2012

Sustainable Development and U.S. Policy

U.S. Partnership for Education and Sustainable Development

Today David talks about government policies regarding recycling, renewable energy, and environmental impact with Debra Rowe, President of the U.S. Partnership for Education and Sustainable Development.

Cannes and Cinetopia
9:07 am
Thu May 24, 2012

Cannes Report Card

Cannes Film Festival

Russ and David talk today about the Cannes Film Festival. Also, Cinetopia is coming! Are you ready?

Climate Change and Debate
9:16 am
Wed May 23, 2012

The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars


Dr. Michael Mann

Why do some people deny global warming? David talks to Dr. Michael Mann, author of 'The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines' to try to understand why.

1:43 pm
Fri May 4, 2012

First Friday Focus on the Environment

Growing food locally is Growing Hope in Ypsilanti area.

Movies and more
9:37 am
Thu May 3, 2012

Cinema Chat

Find out more about Cinetopia on this week's Cinema Chat from WEMU.

11:24 am
Wed May 2, 2012

Issues of the Environment


DTE Energy to clean up polluted MichCon site in Ann Arbor.

Upcoming Movies and Cinetopia
9:13 am
Thu April 26, 2012

News, News, and More News!


This week David and Russ talk about movie news this week - To Rome with Love, Skyfall, and more! Also, Cinetopia news!

Landfill Solutions
9:13 am
Wed April 25, 2012

Waste Not Dump Not?


Republican state lawmakers are racing to repeal Michigan's ban on yard waste going to landfills. David talks to Jeff Irwin this week, a member of the House Committee on Energy and Technology.

10:13 am
Fri April 20, 2012

Earth Day is Sunday

Congressman John Dingell talks with WEMU's David Fair about new congressional battles to protect the environment.

Eastern Michigan University
10:08 am
Fri April 20, 2012

EMU President Addresses Rising Costs

Eastern Michigan University President Susan Martin discusses college costs and more with WEMU's David Fair.

Cannes and Cinetopia
9:42 am
Thu April 19, 2012

Cinetopia Preview


Today, David and Russ talk about the Cannes Film Festival, and also talk in detail about some movies that are going to be at Cinetopia!

9:56 am
Wed April 18, 2012

Issues of the Environment

Healthy reptiles and amphibians mean a healthier environment for all.   It's the focus of this week's Issues of the Environment from WEMU.