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Jake Neher

MPRN Capitol Reporter

Jake Neher is a state Capitol reporter for the Michigan Public Radio Network. 

He joined MPRN in September of 2012. Before that he served as a reporter and anchor for WFUV Public Radio in the Bronx, New York, and as News Director for KBRW Public Radio in Barrow, Alaska. He has been working in radio in some capacity since he was 15 years old.

A native of southeast Michigan, Jake graduated from Central Michigan University in 2010. He has a master's degree in public communications from Fordham University.


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Flint Water Treatment Facility
Ben Gordon / flickr.com

State lawmakers will spend the early part of this week digging into the Flint water crisis.

Kevin Cotter
Courtesy Photo / gophouse.org

The state House has approved $50 million in emergency spending to keep Detroit Public Schools open through the school year.   

Jeremy Moss
Courtesy Photo / housedems.com

There’s major bipartisan support for new bills that would open the governor and the Legislature to public information requests. 

Rick Snyder
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

Governor Rick Snyder’s state-funded legal contracts related to his involvement in the Flint water crisis go before a state board today.  

Virgil Smith
Courtesy Photo / senatedems.com

The state Senate could expel Senator Virgil Smith if he does not resign. 

Brandt Iden
Courtesy Photo / gophouse.org

New bipartisan legislation in the state House would create a statewide active shooter alert system. 

Jim Stamas
Courtesy Photo / misenategop.com

The state Legislature will kick off hearings on the Flint water crisis next week.

Voting Booths
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

A bill making it harder to put issues on the statewide ballot has cleared the state Senate on a party-line vote.

Jake Neher / MPRN

The new emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools says time is running out for lawmakers to approve a bailout.  

Michigan State House of Representatives
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

The Michigan Legislature has three new members after special elections Tuesday.

Rick Snyder
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

Governor Rick Snyder is holding firm to his vow to stay in office amid growing calls for his resignation.

Breathalyzer Test
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

Bills to ease penalties for minors who are caught with alcohol have cleared the state Senate. 

Rick Snyder
Courtesy Photo / michigan.gov

The federal government has approved expanding Medicaid for kids and pregnant women affected by Flint’s water crisis.  

Tim Greimel
Courtesy Photo / housedems.com

The top Democrat in the state House is calling on Governor Rick Snyder to resign.

Brian Calley
Courtesy Photo / michigan.gov

There’s a bipartisan effort at the state Capitol to ban special education teachers from secluding and restraining students. 

Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

A new audit says Michigan corrections workers failed to document the time they spent transporting prisoners. 

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans
Courtesy Photo / michigan.gov

A joint state House committee could begin hearings as soon as this week on a scathing audit of a state-run veterans’ home.

Nick Khouri
State of Michigan / michigan.gov

Michigan’s top treasury official is warning lawmakers to not let the state’s largest school district go bankrupt. 

Flint Water

State lawmakers have created a joint House and Senate committee to look into the Flint water crisis.  

Voting Booths
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

The state House has approved a bill meant to clarify a controversial new law limiting what local officials can say publicly about ballot questions. 

Rick Snyder
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

A state elections board has approved language for another petition seeking to recall Governor Rick Snyder. 

Flint Water
Michigan Public Radio Network

Governor Rick Snyder says his office will release all Flint-related emails dating back to the beginning of his administration in 2011.  

David Bullock
OccupyDetroit / youtube.com

Organizers behind six efforts to recall Governor Rick Snyder hope to get a green light from a state elections board today. 

Detroit Public Schools Logo
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org

State House Speaker Kevin Cotter says bankruptcy is still an option to help resolve Detroit Public Schools’ financial crisis. 

Bert Johnson
Michigan Senate Democrats / senatedems.com

Democrats are criticizing a new state House proposal to rescue Detroit Public Schools.