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Patrik is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University and currently holds the position of the New Media/ Social Media manager for 89.1 WEMU. 

Please contact Patrik regarding any issues with WEMU's online stream, the WEMU app, or our weekly e-update newsletter.

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Join WEMU Music Director, Linda Yohn, for a very special evening with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis on Sunday, February 15th 4 p-m, at Hill Auditorium.

For a gift of $250 to WEMU, you and your guest will enjoy the concert with Linda and other WEMU donors plus a post-concert dinner reception at the Campus Inn.

89.1 WEMU and Sesi Motors present the 5:01 First Friday Series dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Jan Winkelman. Join us for a 5:01 celebration of music featuring Ann Arbor jazz legend and bassist Ron Brooks for his annual holiday 5:01 Jazz show at Rush Street.

Body CAmera
Wikimedia Commons

Ypsilanti City Council Tuesday night will consider paying for body-worn cameras for the police department.


Chief Tony DiGiusti is asking for $54,634 to not only pay for 15 body-worn cameras, but to upgrade the department's in-car video system. 

City Council will also consider transferring ownership of two parcels of land to the Ypsilanti Housing Commission to be used in part as offices where low-income residents can have access to the Internet and Family Empowerment Program counselors.

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In March, David Isay, the founder of the oral history project StoryCorps, will give his first TED talk — typically, a big-idea lecture delivered in a large hall while pacing alone on stage with an unseen, wireless microphone.

Listen to Michael Jewett's interview with Mr. B on the last leg of the trip.

Michigan Theater

Patrick Campion and Amanda Bynum sit in for David Fair and Russ Collins this week.

The long election campaign season has come to an end, and the November 4th mid-term elections are behind us. WEMU is your source with the best local coverage on issues that matter to you, and we have provided you updates on all the elections and results right here.

Get ready for trick-or-treat season with these spooky tunes.

NPR unveils its new Morning Edition format November 17.  You'll hear several more regular breaks for WEMU local content in Morning Edition.  Some of these breaks will start and end at different times so we want to make sure you know exactly when and where to find your WEMU News reports!

89.1 WEMU and Sesi Motors present the 5:01 First Friday Jazz Series dedicated to the memory of the late Dr. Jan Winkelman.

Join us for a 5:01 pm celebration of music and fun at Rush Street.  We will return to Rush Street, 314 South Main between Liberty and William Streets in Ann Arbor.  


Tyler Strunk/ Eastern Echo

Professor Nancy Villa-Bryk plays a crucial role in one of the few masters programs in the country of its kind – Eastern Michigan University's Historic Preservation Graduate Program. The thirty-five year old graduate program is also the largest program in the field, boasting over 90 students in its award winning program.  Students, faculty, and staff within the program and throughout the university recently opened an exhibit in EMU’s McKenny Hall, documenting the school’s 168 year history.

What gives some Wait Wait panelists the advantage? It's all about the incentives. Give now to WEMU

888.299.8910 or through the online form. 

David Fair talks to Mr. B about his progress:

Don Gonyea / NPR

Fall is here!

It’s fundraising time again, here at WEMU, and our goal for this fall is $200,000. Contributions from listeners and businesses make up more than 60% of WEMU’s annual operating budget so every financial gift is critically important.  But, instead of us giving you the reasons why we believe you should support WEMU, we decided to let our donors and supporters do the talking – with their actual comments.

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Artrain, Inc

Ann Arbor’s Mark “Mr. B” Braun has pedaled his custom made, 350 lbs piano bike over 1,000 miles along the Mississippi River -  the half-way point of the journey! Mr. B’s Joybox Express and his cycle team have now entered day 42 on their 2,000 mile ride spread, an effort to raise awareness on the importance of music education and physical fitness. 

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Police have found an 11-year-old Ann Arbor Township girl who went missing Friday morning.

Rick Pluta, Terri Lynn Land
Michigan Public Radio Network

The Michigan Public Radio Network's Rick Pluta sat down with the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Terri Lynn Land  on Friday, Oct. 3, 2014 on our call-in program "Michigan Calling."

She took questions from the Michigan Public Radio Network's statewide audience. 

Volunteer For The WEMU Fall Pledge Drive

Sep 29, 2014

During WEMU's Fall Pledge Drive,  October 16 through October 23, we must have your help.

 We rely on the support of volunteers  to provide the essential services of answering calls and entering new pledges from listeners. All volunteer work will take place at our studio in King Hall on Eastern Michigan University's campus.

 If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up online by checking the available volunteer time slots. Volunteer shifts are a minimum of two consecutive hours, but of course, you are welcome to stay as long as you'd like if we have room at the phone table!

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The Muscatine Journal highlights Mr. B's Joybox Express visit to town. As always, stick with WEMU to keep up with The Joybox Express' Mississippi River Ride for updates throughout the whole journey!

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Jewett was a fixture at the Farmers Market for 45 years, known for his hand-crafted pine furniture and most notably his Adirondack chairs that he sold.

Mr. B and the Joybox Express give us an update from the road. 

This epic 2,000-mile, 90-day bicycle trek begins at the Mississippi headwaters in Lake Itasca, Minnesota and concludes in New Orleans, Louisiana. It will visit cities, towns and villages along the Mississippi River Road to perform, educate, conduct group-rides and inspire blues, jazz and bicycling appreciation. 

Benny Green sat down with Linda Yohn to talk about his new position as an instructor in the University of Michigan's Department of Jazz & Contemporary Improvisation studies. 

Gerald Wilson
Dr. Jazz

Bandleader, composer and arranger Gerald Wilson died Monday at his home in Los Angeles. Wilson's career stretched from the swing era of the 1930s into the 21st century.


President Obama will address the nation tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9:00 PM ET from the White House.

He will outline his administration's strategy for fighting the militant group, ISIS. WEMU will provide live anchored special coverage hosted by NPR's Robert Siegel that will include the President's speech and analysis.