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2014 Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Loses, Adds Attractions

Apr 23, 2014

This year's Ypsilanti Heritage Festival will look as bit different than in past years, as new attractions are added and others decide to strike out on their own.

Ypsilanti Heritage Festival board chair David Nickerson addresses Ypsilanti City Council in early December, 2013.
Credit Bob Eccles

Among the elements that won't be part of the festival this year is Chautauqua at the Riverside, which is moving to October this year. 

David Nickerson is chair of the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival board.

"With that being primarily presented at Riverside Arts, especially this last year we noticed that people weren't necessarily flowing up out of the park and to that event and to the venue," Nickerson says.

Nickerson says the Heritage Festival and Chautauqua at the Riverside share a mission of highlighting Ypsilanti's history, and he wishes them well. 

Also absent from this year's lineup is the Historic Home Tour, which  is now being held in June. 

Among the new elements for this year's festival is a 5K fun run called the "Heritage Hustle".  Nickerson says there will also be historic themes for each day of the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival this year:

  • Friday, August 15th - Pioneer Village
  • Saturday, August 16th - Willow Run Bomber Plant and Rosie the Riveter
  • Sunday, August 17th - Vintage baseball and period music

Find out more about the festival online: