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Ann Arbor School Board To Consider Creation Of Community Committee

Aug 30, 2013

An Ann Arbor School Board member wants district residents, and business leaders, to become more involved. As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, Trustee Christine Stead believes creation of a new Community Committee would prove beneficial to district Administrators, School Board members and, ultimately, the students.

An Ann Arbor School board member is proposing the district create a new committee of community members.  Board member Christine Stead says this kind of committee could have short and long term benefits.  Stead says, in the immediate future, a committee of business leaders and others interested in education could be of help to new district Superintendent Jeanice Swift in better understanding the district. Stead says the committee could possibly vet proposals from the Superintendent, Board of Education and other district officials.  She says a similar committee ultimately led to the highly successful Kalamazoo Promise program that helped boost district and property values by funding college education for graduates of Kalamazoo schools.