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Ann Arbor Stands Up to Stand Your Ground Law

Aug 9, 2013

The City of Ann Arbor has not had to deal with a case that falls under the so-called "stand your ground"  law, as was the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

Credit cseward / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

But, Michigan law certainly allows for the possibility. Ann Arbor City Council last night passed a resolution calling on state lawmakers to repeal Michigan's version of the law, and to make other changes to state gun regulations.

WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports:

Ann Arbor City Council is calling for changes to state gun laws in response to the Trayvon Martin case, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and other recent cases of gun violence.  The primary focus is The Michigan Self Defense Act of 2006, Michigan's Stand Your Ground law, as well as a 1990 law that prevents local communities to have stronger gun regulations than the state.

Council member Chuck Warpehoski says a study of various Stand Your Ground laws found Michigan's law closest to Florida's, and states with these laws don't see lower crime rates and end up with higher murder rates.  Additionally, he says such laws appear to be color blind, but end up having racial disparities in enforcement.

Warpehoski says he's working with community members and people in other cities to try to unite efforts in calling on changes in Michigan's gun laws.