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Clouds Likely To Block View Of Lunar Eclipse

Apr 14, 2014

There's going to be a total lunar eclipse tonight, but with our cloudy weather forecast you probably don't have to worry about getting up or staying up to see it.

Credit wikimedia commons

Professor Norbert Vance is Director of Eastern Michigan University's Sherzer Observatory. 

He says the deepest part of the eclipse will happen just before three Tuesday morning, and the event will be over by 4:30 a.m. or so.

Professor Vance says the media is calling this a "blood moon", but he doesn't think the moon will be as red as some have predicted.

The stain of the moon, Vance says, "is usually predicted by the number of volcanic explosions, and smoke and forest fires and so forth that taint the atmosphere, which is responsible for the red light getting to the moon in the first place."

Professor Vance says he literally won't lose any sleep over missing tonight's eclipse.  He says there are three more on the horizon: One this October and two next year, in April and September.