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Correction - Interview: 12th Congressional District Candidate Raymond Mullins

Jul 30, 2014

EDITOR'S NOTE: WEMU has been notified that some claims made in this interview are not factually correct.  Based on this notification, we have launched an investigation into the matter.  WEMU has verified that some of the contentions put forth by Mr. Mullins are inaccurate.  We will continue to gather information and publish our results once the investigation is complete.  For now, playback or download of the interview has been disabled.

UPDATE: 8/1/14

In this interview:

Mr. Mullins misrepresented Debbie Dingell’s lineage on two separate occasions.

1.)    “She is related to the Fisher Brothers, who were founder of General Motors.”

2.)    “She was in fact an heir to General Motors.”


Debbie Dingell’s maternal grandfather, and his brothers, founded Fisher Body. It was a manufacturer purchased by General Motors in 1926.

Mr. Mullins mistakenly represented Debbie Dingell’s position at General Motors.

1.)    "She was on the Board of Directors at General Motors back in the late ‘80’s when they made a decision to close several plants in Flint, and 30-thousand workers, now they say that figure is up to 90-thousand, were thrown out of a job. Not only did they shut down the plants, they sent those jobs to Mexico."


Debbie Dingell was President of the GM Foundation and Executive Director for Public Affairs while employed by the automaker. Neither of those roles would allow for input on plant closings or moving jobs to foreign countries.

Mr. Mullins, in the course of trying to illustrate fundamental differences between them, inaccurately described Debbie Dingell’s party affiliation.

1.)    “…matter of fact, she’s a Republican. She indicated yesterday she goes her own way on certain matters, but she’s a long-standing Republican.”


Debbie Dingell was an acknowledged Republican prior to her marriage to Democratic Congressman John Dingell in 1981. Gradually, she shifted her allegiance to the Democratic Party.  She became an officer of the Democratic Party in 1984. She is an elected member of the Democratic National Committee and has served in that capacity for more than a decade. Mrs. Dingell also ran the Michigan campaign in Democratic Vice President Al Gore’s bid for the White House.  

- David Fair, News Director

Ypsilanti attorney Raymond Mullins is challenging Debbie Dingell in the 12th Congressional district primary on August 5th.  Mr. Mullins visited the WEMU studios to talk about the campaign.

Credit facebook.com/RayMullinsForCongress