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EMU Nursing Grad Leader In Holistic Medicine

Aug 13, 2014

Some medical service providers are turning to a new method of patient treatment amid growing concerns over healthcare.  

Credit Eastern Michigan University
Credit stjohnprovidence.org

Holistic medicine takes a more in-depth approach to treatment and examines the patient as a whole instead of focusing on their physical ailment. That, according to Justin Carpenter.

Carpenter is an Eastern Michigan University nursing graduate working at St John Hospital in Detroit. He was recently honored by the American Holistic Nurses Association.

"In western medicine you're looking at just treating someone physiologically," Carpenter says, "so if you have a heart attack, you're just looking at the medications to get the heart back in order.  You're not looking at the whole person, so you're leaving out a lot of what's going on with that person."

Carpenter says he believes holistic practices will grow in popularity as awareness increases.