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EMU President Responds to Regent Resignations

Ypsilanti, MI – Eastern Michigan University President John Fallon says his administration quickly communicated with state lawmakers after three members of the EMU Board of Regents resigned on Monday.
Fallon says he hopes the quick, complete, and accurate communication about the resignations of Regents' chair Karen Valvo, and Regents Sharon Rothwell and Jan Brandon will keep the progress of improving relations with Lansing moving in a positive direction.
One of the concerns raised by the three resigning Regents was the inability of EMU's executives to attract top administrators to move the university forward. Fallon disputes that, saying he's been able to create a good team of top administrators.
The three Regents who resigned Monday say they're willing to stay on through January's board meeting if needed to give Governor Granholm more time to appoint new Regents.
President Fallon says he looks forward to working with whomever the Governor chooses to replace the outgoing Regents.