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Issues of the Environment: Michigan's Recycling Future

Apr 16, 2014

Michigan ranks dead last among Great Lakes states when it comes to the rate of recycling. Governor Snyder Snyder is taking the first step forward to try and change Michigan's standing. 

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In this week's installment of  Issues of  the Environment, WEMU's David Fair talks with Michigan Recycling Coalition Executive Director Kerrin O'Brian about where that first step may lead. 


  • The State of Michigan does not require reporting of recycling nor comprehensively collect related data, but Michigan’s recycling rate is estimated at a dismal 14.5%.
  • The House Environmental Quality Appropriations Subcommittee passed HB 5298 which establishes the Department of Environmental Quality's budget for FY 2015.  The bill proposed by Governor Snyder includes a $1 million dollar appropriation for increasing recycling in Michigan, and the Senate subcommittee is likely to vote out their appropriations recommendations after the spring recess.
  • The Michigan Recycling Coalition (MRC) advocates for the bill as part of their effort to increase recycling and resource recovery rates in Michigan, and Kerrin O’Brien, Executive Director of the MRC will offer a forum at the MRC Conference in Ypsilanti on May 1, 2014, highlighting the economic and environmental benefits of improving recycling statewide and the best methods for accomplishing this.