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Late-Night Re-Consideration Saves Ypsilanti Police Contract

Apr 24, 2013

Ypsilanti city council Tuesday night approved a contract with the city's police officers union.  The approval followed a tie vote earlier in the meeting that rejected the contract.

Credit City of Ypsilanti / cityofypsilanti.com

Council members Brian Robb, Susan Moeller and Pete Murdock had voted "no" on the contract.  Moeller wasn't happy that the contract didn't include raises.  Robb wanted pension costs for Police Officers Association members capped, similar to the city's contract with the Command Officers Association.  Council member Daniel Vogt was not present at the meeting.

After a late-night closed session to talk about ongoing contract negotiations with the city's firefighters union, council member Murdock proposed re-consideration of the police union contract.  Another vote was then taken, with Murdock joining Mayor Paul Schreiber, Mayor Pro-Tem Lois Richardson and council member Ricky Jefferson in voting in favor of the contract.

The contract includes a variety of concessions, including a provision that the union approves of the city's plan to create a hybrid public safety model in which police officers would be cross-trained as firefighters.