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Paint Ypsi Expands After Successful Pilot Season

Apr 21, 2014

After a successful pilot program last year, the Depot Town Community Development Corporation is launching its Paint Ypsi program with the goal of painting 20 homes this year.

Credit depottowncdc.org

Erik Dotzauer is Executive Director of the Depot Down C-D-C.  He says they're looking to help groups like veterans, the elderly and those with disabilities by painting their homes for free.

"We don't have a set requirement, per se, but we take it on a case-by-case basis," Dotzauer says. "So depending on the number of applicants that we get, we try to weight the ones that are in the most need and put them at the top of the list."

Dotzauer says the Paint Ypsi program is possible due to the work of a dedicated group of volunteers, plus donations from businesses in the community.  For more information on the program, visit depot town c-d-c dot org.