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Washtenaw County Election Results

Washtenaw County, MI – *Please note these results from Tuesday's elections are unofficial*

ANN ARBOR: Voters rejected a two-year, half-mil levy for removal of ash trees infested by the emerald ash borer. 56 percent voted "no".
Democrats Stephen Rapundalo, Leigh Greden, and Marcia Higgins were elected to city council.

SALINE: Glenn Law, Alica Ping, and Theresa Sibo won city council seats.

CHELSEA: Anne Feeney won another term as Mayor; Frank Hammer and Cheri Albertson won seats on city council.

DEXTER: Voters approved a millage and bond issue to build and operate a new downtown library.

MILAN: Owen Diaz re-elected mayor; Michael Armitage, Brett Moyer, and Douglas Gilson elected to city council.
Lawrence Beiderman won a seat on the Milan library board, and voters approved a library millage by a wide margin.

NORTHFIELD TOWNSHIP: Voters approved two police protection proposals.

NORTHVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT: Voters approved a millage issue.

(Livingston County)

BRIGHTON TOWNSHIP: Voters rejected a change to the township's zoning ordinance.

BRIGHTON CITY: Ricci Bandkau, Kate Lawrence, James Muzzin, and John Tunis won seats on city council.

HAMBURG TOWNSHIP: Voters rejected a bond proposal and library millage.