7:15 pm
Tue April 22, 2014

Washtenaw County Suspending Road Weight Restrictions

Washtenaw County is suspending the seasonal weight restrictions on its roads Thursday.

Credit wcroads.org

The limitations reduced the amount of weight a heavily loaded vehicle could carry by 35 percent per axle.

Washtenaw County Road Commission's Asssitant Director of Engineering Matt MacDonell says the roads are weakened by the yearly spring thaw, and can be damaged by heavy vehicles driving on them.

"We feel the roads and the ground underneath the roads - the sub-structure - can support the weight of our normal loading now," says MacDonell, "so we're suspending the seasonal weight restrictions."

Washtenaw County Road Commission Assistant Director of Engineering Matt MacDonell says it's only necessary to put weight restrictions on the roads during the yearly spring thaw.

Normal vehicle weight limits will resume Thursday at 6 a.m.