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WEMU Remains Committed To NPR, Music And News

Jun 20, 2014

During our recent Summer Pledge Drive you probably heard us mention how difficult it is to maintain our mixed format of music and news.  Keeping knowledgeable local hosts on staff, presenting both news and music content and committing ourselves to support the vibrant community and organizations that are represented by that content is most definitely not the easiest path.  

It is, however, the path to which we are solidly committed.  We feel that the community which we serve has a vibrant, living interest in arts, music, public service, education, research, the humanities, entertainment, civic responsibility and so much more.  The only way we can continue to be a part of all of these incredible facets of what makes this area great is to move forward with what makes WEMU great - our mixed format of music and news with as many live, local hosts as possible.  

For some public radio institutions this has become unsustainable financially (you may have read about the changes coming to WAER in Syracuse).  As long as we continue to have the backing of our greatest resource, the listeners in this community, we will remain solid in our path of great music, informative local news, incredible NPR content and knowledgeable local hosts.

Read more about changes at WAER

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to voice their support for WEMU during our new Summer Pledge Drive. We are extremely grateful for each and every one of these generous donations. If you want to count yourself among those that keep WEMU strong with a financial gift, please do so before Sunday June,22nd so that we can include the money in our 2014 fiscal year.