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Win For Wisconsin's Walker Seen As Blow For Democrats, Boost For The GOP

Jun 6, 2012
Originally published on June 6, 2012 7:50 am

Now that it's over and Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has easily defeated a recall attempt, the morning-after analyses are in. There's a common theme:

-- Walker's win "is a stinging blow" to President Obama's re-election chances, says National Journal's 2012 Decoded blog.

-- Democrats and labor unions suffered "a morale-killing blow," writes The Atlantic Wire.

-- It's "a blow to Big Labor," according to Politico.

-- Walker "delivered a psychological boost for the Republicans and a blow to Democrats that could linger until the Nov. 6 presidential election," says Reuters.

-- The Republican Party's outreach effort in Wisconsin "could pay off in Novemer," reports The Wall Street Journal.

Bear in mind, though, advises NPR Senior Washington editor Ron Elving, that while "a great deal is going to be read into this election," a lot can happen in the key swing state of Wisconsin (and elsewhere, of course) between now and November. And, polls in Wisconsin currently show President Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney.

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