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WISD Superintendent Menzel Talks About Making Up Snow Days

Feb 14, 2014

As the state debates how best to have school district make up snow days, there's no question how the superintendent of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District would prefer to address the issue.  

 Scott Menzel says given the choice of adding days to the school calendar or adding extra time to remaining school days, he'll take the former.  He says adding days makes the most sense from an instructional perspective.

Menzel says adding minutes to remaining school days doesn't enhance the curriculum, or help students who've missed entire days of school make up those instructional opportunities.

 Menzel says there are a few districts that have taken the maximum six snow days already.  

Ypsilanti Community Schools are at seven, with one building at eight. But Menzel, who's also Superintendent for that district, says they planned for extra days of instruction.  

He says thus far it isn't a problem, but if the weather doesn't cooperate from here on out, the school board will have to decide how best to proceed.