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Ypsi City Council Member Proposes Having Charter Amendments At The Ready

Apr 15, 2013

One Ypsilanti city council member thinks it would be wise for the city to be ready to add some charter amendment issues to the ballot in the event the state puts a road construction funding issue up for a vote. 

Ypsilanti City Council member Pete Murdock
Credit Bob Eccles

Council member Pete Murdock has four charter amendments in mind, most of which have been previously recommended by the city’s Charter Commission. 

Murdock would like to re-define which council actions require an ordinance, and he'd like to change city council's meeting schedule from every 30 days to once a month, which he says would make scheduling summer meetings easier.

Murdock would also like to see the wording changed to allow public notices to be done through electronic media.  Current state law requires notices be made through a local newspaper, but that may eventually be changed. 

Murdock also suggests a prohibition on council members serving on boards and commissions be lifted.  The Charter Commission did not recommend that change. 

Murdock says having the charter amendments ready will help the city save money by “piggy-backing” on the state ballot.