2:50 pm
Thu September 19, 2013

Ypsilanti Council Approves Street Light Conversion Fee

Ypsilanti land owners will soon be paying more money for street lighting.  The money will be used to help pay for 500 new LED streetlights through out the city, though 

An LED streetlamp
Credit meltedplastic / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND
Ralph Lange is Ypsilanti's City Manager. He says converting to LEDs will save the city around $110,000 a year. Lange adds that he thinks the LEDs are better streetlights than the ones currently in use.

  Ypsilanti already has around 300 LED streetlights. 

The Ypsilanti City Council approved a special assessment fee at this week's  meeting that will charge residents around $120 over the next two years for each parcel of land they own. The city will replace older sodium and mercury-vapor lights with more efficient, longer-lasting LEDs.

This special assessment district would cost property owners in Ypsilanti about $58 each year for two years  to cover the cost of replacing the lights.  City-owned property and property owned by Eastern Michigan University would be exempt.