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Ypsilanti Residents Glad Road Repairs Are Coming

Apr 16, 2014

People who live and work along Prospect Road in Ypsilanti are glad to hear the city has approved spending some money to patch up the road and improve driving conditions until the road is completely re-built next year.

Prospect Road across from Prospect Park.
Credit Bob Eccles

Jim Mufarreh owns Prospect Party Store at Prospect and Forest.

"Long time coming," Mufarreh says. "It's well-needed. It's terrible out there. It's a terrible road. It's been needed for years."

Mark Naess lives in the area, and he says the road is almost undriveable.

"I've seen a lot of near accidents," Naess says, "from people swerving into the opposite lane or slowing down so much that somebody behind comes up on them too fast."

Ypsilanti City Council last night approved spending almost $250-thousand to repair Prospect Road between Cross Street and Forest Avenue, along with bad stretches of North Huron River Drive, Harriet Street and Cornell Road.