89.1 WEMU

Soapbox Summer 2018

It's Soapbox Summer! Any candidate appearing on the August primary election ballot in Washtenaw County will have access to free air time to communicate to potential voters on your community NPR Station, 89.1 WEMU. 

No reporter questions, no interruptions or interference. Soapbox summer gives candidates the opportunity to say exactly what they want, how they want. It gives WEMU listeners and potential voters the opportunity to hear a candidate's message, unfettered. 

Here's how it works: 

  1.  Record a message of up to 3 1/2 minutes.  Best advice is to do it in a quiet place without distractions or ambient noise.  It absolutely must be in your own voice and adhere to FCC guidelines regarding community standards for language.  
  2. Send the recording to pcampion@emich.edu (Patrick Campion, WEMU Program Director)

Candidates should also include in the submission, the following: 

  1. The office being sought (please note if you are an incumbent candidate)
  2. Website link(s)
  3. Candidate photo with appropriate credit information
  4. Transcription of comments in audio recording for use at wemu.org.

Submissions are being accepted immediately. No submission will be accepted after Friday, June 29th. Soapbox Summer will begin airing during 'Morning Edition' with David Fair beginning Monday, July 9.