The Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education will meet tonight in what, technically, is it's first-ever regular session. WEMU's Bob Eccles has more on the agenda before the board tonight.

  The Athletic Director for Ypsilanti Community Schools is putting together a Code of Conduct for student athletes. WEMU's Bob Eccles has the story.

Bob Eccles

Democratic State Representative David Rutledge and his Republican colleague Bill Rogers addressed the Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education at its organizational meeting Monday morning.  Click below to hear their comments.

YCS Born As Board Members Sworn In

Jul 1, 2013
Bob Eccles

The Ypsilanti Community Schools district was officially born this morning, as the Board of Education held its organizational meeting.

The Oath of Office was administered to trustees by State Representative David Rutledge.

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It's been three years in the making: The unification of the Ypsilanti and Willow Run School Districts becomes official today. WEMU's Bob Eccles has been covering the merger since the conversation first began, and takes a look back at the process that brought us to today.

  An organizational meeting this morning wraps up eight months of intense work and preparation for the creation of the Ypsilanti and Willow Run School Districts. Bob Eccles has a preview of today's first-ever session for the new Ypsilanti Community Schools Board of Education.

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 The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run School Board Thursday night discussed changing the names of several district buildings. As WEMU's Bob Eccles reports, the potential changes aim to better reflect the mission of each facility within the new Ypsilanti Community Schools.

  A principal has been named for Ypsilanti New Tech High School beginning with the creation of Ypsilanti Community Schools on July 1st. 

Kelly Mickel most recently served as Health and Wellness Facilitator with Willow Run New Tech High School.  She has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education and Health from Eastern Michigan University, along with a masters degree in Educational Leadership.

Mickel fills a position left open when Cory McElmeel accepted the position of principal at Ann Arbor's Skyline High School.

Progress in Ypsilanti- Willow Run Consolidation

Jun 14, 2013

The unified, Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board continues the march towards the July 1st, official launch of the district merger. As WEMU's Bob Eccles reports, the board on Thursday night took care of some contract business.

In less than a month, the Ypsilanti Public School District will cease to exist, and the merger with Willow Run Schools will become official. As WEMU's Bob Eccles reports, those wishing to purchase what will soon be district artifacts, will have that opportunity this weekend.

Teachers who'll be making the jump from the Ypsilanti and Willow Run school districts to Ypsilanti Community Schools have been given their building and grade assignments. 

Willow Run Superintendent Laura Lisiscki says trying to place teachers where they wanted to teach was a daunting task. 

   Bell times, bus scheduling and an academic year calendar are now in place for the Ypsilanti Community School District that  begins its official existence on July 1st. As WEMU's Bob Eccles reports, the decisions were finalized Monday night.


 A party on Saturday will serve as a farewell to the current Ypsilanti School District. As WEMU's Bob Eccles reports After 164-years, the district will cease to exist when it officially merges with the Willow Run district to become Ypsilanti Community Schools.


The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board last night talked about proposed bell times, transportation details and a district calendar for Ypsilanti Community Schools.  WEMU's Bob Eccles was there, and filed this report. 

The Unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board last night talked about setting guidelines for naming Ypsilanti Community Schools facilities.  WEMU's Bob Eccles reports on the details

Bob Eccles

The process of  unifying the Ypsilanti and Willow Run school districts into Ypsilanti Community Schools is rolling along.  The new district is officially "born" on July 1.  WEMU's Bob Eccles spoke with Washtenaw Intermediate School District Superintendent Scott Menzel about the unification process, and what's left to do before the end of June.

Ypsilanti Community Schools will have a former National Football League player as its first Athletic Director. 

Lamanzer Williams has approved an offer to assume the position when the district is officially created on July 1st. 

Williams played football with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins, along with the Berlin Thunder in NFL Europe. 

He's a Willow Run High School Hall-of-Fame inductee who has earned degrees from Eastern Michigan University, Concordia Chicago University and Grand Valley State University. 

Bob Eccles

The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board has approved a performance-based compensation system for Ypsilanti Community Schools teachers and principals. 

Consolidated District Sets Schools Configuration

Mar 29, 2013
Bob Eccles

High school students in the new Ypsilanti Community School District will attend Ypsilanti High School next year.  Middle school students will attend classes at what is now Willow Run High School and the adjoining Willow Run Intermediate Learning Center.  Hear more from WEMU's Bob Eccles.

Bob Eccles

This weekend you have the chance to learn more about the Small Learning Communities educational model chosen for middle and high school students in the Ypsilanti Community Schools. 

A public meeting Saturday will also help to determine which school buildings are best suited for Small Learning Communities, and which might not be used next year.

Saturday's meeting runs from ten to noon at Ypsilanti New Tech at Ardis, 2100 Ellsworth Road. 

Bob Eccles

A group of about 35 people, most of them students, got together last night in the Ypsilanti High School media center to talk about mascot and school colors suggestions for Ypsilanti Community Schools. 

The generational divide between the students and the adults was obvious, as most of the adults favored a mascot with historical significance, such as Bombers or Liberators, and the kids preferred something new, like Royals or Grizzlies. 

Board Acts on Layoffs and Schools of Choice

Mar 19, 2013
Bob Eccles

The joint Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board approved layoffs and schools of choice designation at its meeting Monday night.  Hear more from WEMU's Bob Eccles.

The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school district holds a public forum Saturday morning to give the public a chance to talk about suggestions that have been received for a district mascot and colors. 

Board member Maria Sheler-Edwards is co-chair of the committee looking into mascots and colors.  She says the process will be similar to the way the district's name was chosen, with a pair of public forums to narrow the options down.  She says a final recommendation is expected at the board's March 28th meeting. 

Year-Round School Recommendation Accepted

Mar 14, 2013
Bob Eccles

The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board last night accepted a recommendation that the consolidated district move toward a year-round educational model.  The board's High Quality Teachers and Teaching Advisory Committee believes year-round school will help keep students from losing much of what they've learned over an extended summer break.  The board will now establish a work team to look into the different types of balanced calendar models and figure out which is best for the district.  The public's input on the idea will also be sought.  Year-round school wouldn't begin until the 20

Public Forum Saturday for New School District

Mar 8, 2013

The unified Ypsilanti-Willow Run school board holds a public forum Saturday at noon to update progress toward merging the districts, and to address questions and concerns from the public.  Hear more from WEMU's Bob Eccles.