Sally Hart Peterson hoping to unseat incumbent

Anthony Derezinski in August primary.

Sumi  Kailasapathy and Eric Sturgis are campaining

to replace Sandi Smith on Ann Arbor's city council.

Incumbent Democrat Jeff Irwin faces challenge from

Tom Partridge in August primary election.

Christina Montague and Andy LaBarre address issues

in LWV forum Monday night.

League of Women Voters hosts Washtenaw County

candidates forum. 

Soapbox Summer

Jun 13, 2012


Attention Washtenaw County election candidates!

It’s another Soapbox Summer on WEMU. If your name appears on Washtenaw County’s August 7th primary election ballot, WEMU offers you three minutes of free air time to tell voters why you should be elected.

Just record your best three-minute campaign message on an audio CD or MP3 computer file and sent it to WEMU by July 6th. Soapbox summer messages will be broadcast twice daily on WEMU during the last few weeks leading up to the August primary election.


Felicia Brabec wins 7th district special election.

Congressman John Dingell has been serving in the House since 1955.

Dingell says his re-election campaign should be about service, not age.