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SEEUS / Eastern Michigan University

SEEUS (Students Eyes and Ears for University Safety) provided more than 13,000 escorted trips in and around Eastern Michigan University's campus last year.  Patrick Campion sits down with Sergeant Joe Torres from EMU's Department of Public Safety along with Vonzeka "Zeke" Lipscomb, student SEEUS supervisor, to talk about how SEEUS works, what services they provide on campus, and how you can take advantage of their offerings.  

Eastern Michigan University

On this week's "Focus on EMU," Patrick Campion sat down with Student Body President, Miles Payne, to talk about how the platform he ran on is being translated to action in the new school year.  For more information about how you can be involved in Student Government activities, visit their web site.

Eastern Michigan University

During halftime of Eastern Michigan University football games, we take a moment to shine a light on the people, places and things that are enacting positive change in and around EMU's campus community.  This week we talked with EMU's VP for Communications, Walter Kraft, about the national #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign and Eastern's take on it.  

Haley Moraniec / Eastern Michigan University

Eastern Michigan University students who face food insecurity have a resource, right on campus, that they can turn to.  Swoop's Student Food Pantry was created to "provide EMU students in need with food assistance and additional resources to positively affect well-being and college success."  The Pantry recently moved and expanded.  

Benita Goldman

Dr. Sadaf Ali took a group of Eastern Michigan University students to London.  The goal was to have them experience, first hand, how media organizations there approach journalism and social media.  They accomplished this by immersing themselves in the media rich environment of London.  Dr. Ali and her student, Valerie Hopkins, stopped by the WEMU studios to share their thoughts and memories of the trip.

veteransradio.net / Veterans Radio

Charles "Chuck" Kettles has lived an interesting life worthy of celebration.  He is an Ypsilanti resident, an Eastern Michigan University alumnus,   a former faculty member at EMU, and a decorated veteran.  On May 15, 1967, he chose to put his own life at risk in order to save eight men stranded on the battlefield in Vietnam.  For his meritorious service, he has been nominated to receive the Medal of Honor.  

Patrick Campion sat down with Mr. Kettles to talk about his life, his service, and his loving devotion to his wife Ann Kettles (a longtime EMU employee).  


  Professor and author, Christine Tracy, sat down with Patrick Campion to talk about the current state of news.  She teaches Journalism at Eastern Michigan University and authored the book The Newsphere: Understanding the News and Information Environment.