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Human Trafficking

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Michigan non-profits are looking into an innovative way of fighting human trafficking.  The idea is to take advantage of free advertising on Google.

Michigan Casinos Working To End Human Trafficking

Jul 28, 2016

A southwest Michigan casino is trying to help fight human trafficking. 

The issue of human trafficking is the focus of a forum tonight  in Ann Arbor.



January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Eastern Michigan University says it's more prevalent than you might think, here in our own state.

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Human trafficking bills expected to clear state Legislature this week

Bills meant to fight human trafficking in Michigan are on track to clear the state Legislature before the end of this week.

The bipartisan legislation would make it easier to prosecute human trafficking cases, increase penalties, and provide more services for victims. The state House passed several bills in the package on Wednesday.

Art Exhibit Shines Light On Human Trafficking

Jul 2, 2014
Susan Clinthorne and Sally Theilen

The issue of human trafficking has come to an art gallery in downtown Ann Arbor. 

Artists Susan Clinthorne and Sally Theilen created the exhibit called "Broken".

Clinthorne says the exhibit was featured at ArtPrize 2013 as Art to Change the World.  ArtPrize had asked for another piece following their exhibit titled "Letters Home" regarding homelessness.

Eastern Michigan University
Eastern Michigan University

Michigan lawmakers are considering efforts to fight human trafficking.  Eastern Michigan Unviersity's Women's Resource Center Thursday hosts Senators Rebekah Warren and Judy Emmons to share their proposals.  

Bob Eccles

When you think about crime in Michigan, human trafficking may not leap to mind.  But three high-ranking officers in the state Attorney General's office say it probably should.

Chief Deputy Attorney General Carol Isaacs was among those who participated in a discussion on human trafficking at the Eastern Michigan University Student Center Tuesday. 

She says human trafficking - both sexual and labor trafficking - is prevalent in Michigan.

"We think it is under-reported," Isaacs said. "Mis-labeled, un-reported and hidden in plain sight."