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Now that the votes have been counted in the Super Tuesday states, presidential candidates are turning their attention to the next round of primaries – including Michigan’s in a week.  

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A new audit says Michigan corrections workers failed to document the time they spent transporting prisoners. 

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Two former state lawmakers face felony charges that they lied and abused their offices.  Ex-representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat could go to prison if they’re convicted.  

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans
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A joint state House committee could begin hearings as soon as this week on a scathing audit of a state-run veterans’ home.

Bernie Sanders
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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders brought his campaign for the Democratic nomination for president to Flint Thursday. 

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
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Democrats in the state Legislature say it’s time to restore citizen oversight panels to supervise air and water programs in the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  

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Michigan’s top treasury official is warning lawmakers to not let the state’s largest school district go bankrupt. 

Flint Water

State lawmakers have created a joint House and Senate committee to look into the Flint water crisis.  

Voting Booths
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The state House has approved a bill meant to clarify a controversial new law limiting what local officials can say publicly about ballot questions. 

Rick Snyder
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A state elections board has approved language for another petition seeking to recall Governor Rick Snyder. 

Flint Water
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Governor Rick Snyder says his office will release all Flint-related emails dating back to the beginning of his administration in 2011.  

Jason Brian Dalton
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Accused Kalamazoo shooter Jason Dalton has been formally charged with murder, assault with intent to commit murder, and weapons charges.  That’s in connection with a weekend shooting spree that left six people dead and two critically injured. 

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There was a prayer vigil last night organized by Kalamazoo area churches to remember the six people killed over the weekend in a shooting spree.  

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Organizers behind six efforts to recall Governor Rick Snyder hope to get a green light from a state elections board today. 

Detroit Public Schools Logo
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State House Speaker Kevin Cotter says bankruptcy is still an option to help resolve Detroit Public Schools’ financial crisis. 

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The state House is expected to vote today to spend $30 million to help Flint residents with their water bills. 


Bills to allow speeds of up to 80 miles an hour on rural highways in Michigan has stalled in the state House. 

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Democrats are criticizing a new state House proposal to rescue Detroit Public Schools.

Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder says the federal government has not been held fully accountable for its role in the Flint water crisis.   

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Legislation to keep many 17-year-olds from going to adult prisons cleared a state House panel on Tuesday.

John Kasich
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With the state’s March 8th primary fast-approaching, Presidential candidates are turning their attention to Michigan.  Senator Bernie Sanders had stops in Ypsilanti and Dearborn as part of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, while Ohio Governor John Kasich stopped at Grand Valley State University near Grand Rapids.

Flint Water
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Legislation to send more state aid to Flint could move through the state House this week.  

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A group of state House Democrats hopes the crisis in Flint will help bring attention to other issues they say threaten clean water in Michigan.  They announced bills on Thursday that would increase regulations on fracking.

Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder’s budget proposal for the coming fiscal year pays a lot of attention to Flint’s drinking water crisis and the state’s infrastructure shortcomings.

Bill Schuette
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The lawyer in charge of state Attorney General Bill Schuette’s investigation into the Flint water crisis says some people may be charged with serious crimes before it’s all over.