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Speed Limit 75 Sign
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It looks like state lawmakers have reached a compromise to increase speed limits on many Michigan roadways.  A state House panel plans to vote on the plan today. 

Coleman Young II
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Democrats in the state Legislature say lawmakers should get an opportunity to question people under oath about the Flint water crisis.

Michigan National Guard Delivery
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The state House and Senate have unanimously approved an emergency spending bill to help Flint address its water crisis.  It now goes to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk.  

Michigan State Senate
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A $28 million emergency funding bill for Flint could clear the state Senate today.  

Voting Booths
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Local leaders and school officials are challenging a new state elections law in federal court.

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Governor Rick Snyder has scrubbed plans for an economic development trip to the Middle East, so he can remain in Michigan to deal with the Flint water crisis. 

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More than 300 Michigan inmates sentenced as minors to life without parole could get a second chance at early release. 

Max Lorincz
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A judge has dismissed the case against a man who was charged under the State Police crime lab’s controversial THC policy. 

Jeremy Moss
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A bipartisan group of state lawmakers hopes to send privacy protection legislation to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk this year.  

Flint River
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Republicans say a $28 million emergency appropriation for Flint should come with some accountability measures to make sure that money is spent wisely.

Flint Water
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The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regional administrator is stepping down over the public health crisis in Flint. 

Federal Assistance
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Governor Rick Snyder is asking the Obama Administration to change its mind and declare a major disaster in Flint.  

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Governor Rick Snyder has released a trove of emails both to and from him regarding Flint and the city’s water crisis. 

Jim Ananich
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Michigan Democratic leaders say Governor Rick Snyder’s Flint apology during his State of the State speech is not enough.  

Flint Protesters
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Governor Rick Snyder devoted most of Tuesday's State of the State speech to the Flint water crisis.  He promised to fix the problems that started while the city was under state emergency management, and he promised to do a better job of helping the public understand what went wrong. 

Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder devoted most of his State of the State speech Tuesday night to the Flint water crisis. Rick Pluta has a report on address and the governor's plan. 

Governor Rick Synder's Sixth State Of The State Address-2016

Jan 20, 2016
Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder delivered his sixth State of the State address on Tuesday night.  As expected, the primary focus was the Flint water crisis, but the Governor did address other issues, including a call for economic and technological developments at Willow Run and an increased focus on mobility at M-City in Ann Arbor and throughout the Michigan auto industry.  You can hear the speech in its entirety here.

Michigan Crime Lab Marijuanna
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A new State Police crime lab policy is sparking criticism from a growing number of forensic scientists.

Bill Schuette
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Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has announced his office will investigate the Flint water crisis.  

Michigan State Capitol
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Hundreds of demonstrators marched on the state Capitol yesterday to protest Governor Rick Snyder’s handling of the Flint water crisis.  

Michigan State Budget Office
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A panel of state budget experts anticipates a $300 million windfall left over from the last fiscal year.  

Detroit Public Schools Logo
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State lawmakers and the public could get their first look today at legislation to overhaul the Detroit Public Schools

Detroit Public Schools Logo
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State lawmakers could consider legislation meant to stop teacher “sickout” protests, like the ones that closed about 60 Detroit schools Monday. 

Water Filter
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State and city officials will announce more steps today as they try to address the water contamination crisis in Flint. 

Marijuana Supporters
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It’s looking less likely that there will be a ballot question in November to overhaul Michigan’s medical marijuana system.