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Mackinac Pipeline Line 5
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Michigan’s energy chief says damage to the protective coating on an oil and gas pipeline that runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac was worse than initially reported.

Campaign Finance Bills Pass The Michigan Senate

Sep 15, 2017
Campaign Finance
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Michigan won’t limit how much money corporations and unions can spend to influence elections in the state – under legislation that’s cleared the state Senate. 

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Medical marijuana dispensaries need to close their doors or risk being denied a license – once the state starts issuing them. 

Schuette Announces Run For Michigan Governor

Sep 13, 2017
Bill Schuette
State of Michigan / michigan.gov

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette wants a promotion. 

Michigan Supreme Court
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The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to decide whether prosecutors can force elected lawmakers to give up their seats as part of a plea deal.  That decision won’t come in time to determine whether a former state senator should be removed from the November ballot. 

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A state licensing board could decide today whether marijuana dispensaries in Michigan should get to stay open. 

Dave Trott
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Republican Congressman Dave Trott says he will not seek reelection next year and will retire after four years in Congress.  Trott says he always intended for his congressional career to be brief. 

Bill Schuette
State of Michigan / michigan.gov

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and state lawmakers are calling for an overhaul of how the property of recently deceased people is dealt with.

Michigan Capitol
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The state Legislature has returned to work and upon arrival discovered they would not be alone.

Joan Larsen
State of Michigan / michigan.gov

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Joan Larsen faced members of the US Senate Wednesday as she seeks a promotion to the federal bench.  Larsen said she’s beholden to the rule of law and not the president who nominated her.

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Governor Rick Snyder is asking Congress to act to protect people from deportation who were brought to the country illegally as children.  The governor was responding to President Trump’s announcement that the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program will end in six months. 

Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder is off on a trade mission that will bring him to Asia and Europe before he returns to Michigan next week.  

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Governor Rick Snyder plans to roll out a recycling initiative later this fall. And legislation aimed at changing how Michigan recycles is already in the works. 

Rick Snyder
State of Michigan / michigan.gov

The Legislature ends its summer recess this week and returns to Lansing.  Governor Rick Snyder will have a to-do list waiting.

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Michigan’s unemployment rate is down, but a new report says those numbers don’t paint the whole picture. 

Mackinac Bridge
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The Mackinac Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic this morning.  The bridge authority is ready to deal with long traffic backups and other inconveniences to holiday travelers.

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Lawyers for Iraqi immigrants facing deportation say the detainees are being subjected to abuse and intimidation.  The case played out Thursday in a Detroit courtroom. 

Mackinac Bridge
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The state is ordering Enbridge Energy to take swift action to fix portions of the Line 5 energy pipeline that runs beneath the Straits of Mackinac.  Corrosion protections were eroded during maintenance work on the line. 

Michigan House of Representatives
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Members of the state House of Representatives are ready to take on a mental health overhaul when they return next week.  

U.S. Department of Defense / defense.gov

To help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the American Red Cross Michigan Region is sending volunteers to the affected areas.  

Homeland Security
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The Trump administration will lift a ban on the military giving some surplus equipment to police departments, and some members of Michigan law enforcement are welcoming the change.

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Family members and attorneys for Iraqi Christians facing deportation say the possibility of pardons is giving them a new sense of hope.  


The Michigan Parole Board has agreed to conduct a full-but-speedy review of pardon requests from Iraqi nationals threatened with deportation. 

B.G. Bradley

Michigan author, poet, actor, director, and teacher B.G. Bradley talks about his new fiction book that provides a glimpse of life in the state's Upper Peninsula.

89.1 WEMU'S Lisa Barry talks to Bradley about Winter Heart.

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A new, Republican candidate has entered the ring to become the next Michigan Secretary of State.