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The Michigan Department of Corrections defended its plans to change how it feeds prisoners.  Department officials testified Wednesday in front of a Senate committee.  The state wants to end its use of private vendors for food services.

Abdul El-Sayed
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Abdul El-Sayed is the first Democrat to turn in his signatures to be on the 2018 ballot for governor.  He faces potential challenges down the road.

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James Davis Jr., the 19 year-old CMU student accused of shooting and killing his parents on campus on Friday, was formally arraigned in court Tuesday.


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Hundreds of protestors clashed with law enforcement and white supremacists at Michigan State University yesterday. 

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Roads, flood damage repairs, and an investigation could get money sent their way soon.  The Legislature has sent a spending bill to the governor’s desk.

Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder has signed into law a measure that ensures the personal exemption on state income taxes will not disappear as a result of the new federal tax law.  The governor says the state can handle a tax cut and spending more to fix roads.

Moms Demand Action
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Moms and other activists against gun violence gathered at the state Capitol Wednesday, and the participants want to reach as many lawmakers as possible.

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Ideas are floating around Lansing about how to make the state’s schools safer from gun violence.  There are several proposals in the works.

Michigan State Senate
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Bills to lift time limits to file sex assault lawsuits have cleared a state Senate committee.  It’s part of the state’s response to the Larry Nassar scandal and the issue of sexual misconduct on college campuses.

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Tuition-free community college for all is one of the priorities rolled out Monday by state House Democrats.  The Democrats’ plans create several friction points with Republicans.

Michigan House of Representatives
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Survivors of former MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar joined with lawmakers Monday to rollout new legislation.  Nassar was recently convicted of multiple cases of sexual assault.  The legislation is aimed at curbing sexual misconduct.

Michigan Capitol
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A bipartisan group of state lawmakers will roll out bills today designed to combat sexual misconduct on college campuses.  It’s part of the Legislature’s initial response to issues at Michigan State University.

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High schoolers, lawmakers, and concerned citizens held a rally at the state Capitol Thursday for changes to the state’s gun laws.

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The state is warning prospective patients they should not go through marijuana suppliers to apply for medical marijuana cards. 

Michigan State University
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Students and faculty continue to pressure on Michigan State University officials to resign.  A march was organized by members of the College of Education and School of Social Work.

Police Car
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Some state lawmakers want to end the practice of allowing police agencies to seize and hold onto cash, cars, and other assets that they think might have played a role in illegal activity.  State law allows police departments to keep seized assets even if a suspect is never charged or convicted of a crime.

DTE Ordered To Explain Improper Power Shutoffs

Feb 6, 2018
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A state commission will take a hard look at DTE Energy’s past improper shutoffs.  The Michigan Public Service Commission will hold an evidentiary hearing against the company.

Interim Michigan State University President John Engler has instructed school employees to cooperate with investigations into campus sexual misconduct.  Michigan’s former governor began his first full day on the job as convicted MSU sports doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced for sexually abusing patients. 

James Lower
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State lawmakers want to overhaul how three major universities select their governing bodies.  This stems from ongoing criticism of Michigan State University’s handling of sexual assault complaints.

Michigan State University
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The pressure on Michigan State University to overhaul its administration continued last night as hundreds gathered in a town-hall style event to voice their opposition and frustration with the school.  This is the continuing response to the school’s handling of sexual assault complaints.

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Governor Rick Snyder has called for an assessment on water bills to help pay for fixing pipes and other infrastructure.  A plan rolled out Thursday would add a dollar every year to most water bills for five years.

Meridian Township Apologizes For Nassar Inaction

Feb 2, 2018
Meridian Township
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Meridian Township police have offered an apology to an alleged victim of Larry Nassar.   The department says it mishandled a complaint brought against the former sports doctor in 2004. 

Asian Carp
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Governor Rick Snyder says a new shipping lock in Joliet, Illinois is needed to stop Asian carp from making their way from the Mississippi River system to the Great Lakes.  Snyder says it’s taking too long to get the project started.

John Engler
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Former Governor John Engler spent his first day as interim president of Michigan State University dealing with campus controversy over the appointment.

John Engler
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Former Governor John Engler will serve as interim president of his troubled alma mater, Michigan State University.  The MSU Board of Trustees is expected to officially vote on the appointment at a meeting this morning.