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New teachers will get different retirement options than current school employees under a bill sent to Governor Rick Snyder.

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Top lawmakers in the state Legislature have reached a tentative agreement with Governor Rick Snyder about changes to the state’s teacher retirement system.

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A showdown is brewing in Lansing over the fate of teacher retirements.  

Eastern Michigan University
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Eastern Michigan University held a budget forum on Tuesday.

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Teachers, firefighters and police are celebrating today.  That’s after lawmakers dropped legislation that would make drastic changes to their retirement benefits.  

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Municipal employees are planning to head to the Capitol today.  Lawmakers will hold a hearing on controversial legislation affecting municipal retirement health benefits.

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Teacher retirement changes are charging through the legislature.  A Senate committee held a meeting on the legislation today Wednesday.

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A federal appeals court says it’s too late to go back and rehash the “Grand Bargain” that allowed Detroit to emerge from bankruptcy two years ago. 

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A fixture in the Ann Arbor arts scene will soon step down.