Sabra Briere

5:00 am
Mon July 21, 2014

Ann Arbor Mayoral Candidates Share Thoughts On Economic Development

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Ann Arbor's Democratic mayoral primary is rapidly approaching on August 5th. Since incumbent Mayor John Hieftje isn't seeking re-election it offers the community a chance to chart a new course in a wide variety of areas.  

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on the economic development plans for Ann Arbor's 4 candidates in the Democratic mayoral primary.

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8:30 pm
Thu July 17, 2014

Business Organization Shares Economic Development Wishes Ahead Of Ann Arbor's Mayoral Primary

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

From attracting and retaining businesses to new construction projects, economic development is an important issue in every community.  Ann Arbor voters head to the polls August 5th and economic development will be among the issues voters consider when casting their ballot for one of the four Mayoral candidates. 

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on what the Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber member businesses are looking for in terms of economic development assistance from Ann Arbor.

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Ann Arbor
4:57 am
Wed July 16, 2014

Ann Arbor Mayoral Candidates Share Thoughts On Affordable Housing And Homelessness

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Ann Arbor homeless advocates hope the large turnout at a mayoral forum on the issue will show it's a priority to voters.  If nothing else all four City Council members appearing on the democratic ballot for mayor pledged to commit financial and political capital to ending homelessness in the city by 2018.

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on Ann Arbor's mayoral forum focused on affordable housing and homeless issues.

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8:28 am
Mon July 14, 2014

Ann Arbor Mayoral Candidates Differ On Spending Priorities

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

For the first time in 14-years, Ann Arbor will soon have a new Mayor.   Whom voters elect will help determine the direction of the city's spending priorities.

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley takes a look at what Ann Arbor community members want in terms of spending priorities from the next mayor and where the candidates stand.

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11:56 am
Fri July 11, 2014

Ann Arbor Mayor Believes Big Projects During His Tenure Making Positive Impact

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje thinks investments made during his tenure are already paying results and will continue to do so.  The issue of spending priorities however is one voters will be looking at as the city chooses a new mayor for the first time in 14 years.  

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on some of the spending priorities during John Hieftje's 14 years as Mayor of Ann Arbor.
Hieftje points to the underground parking structure as helping grow the local economy.  That's because he doesn't think the city's growing tech sector would have been possible without additional parking downtown.  He says these jobs have helped keep the area more active, boosting restuarants and other businesses.
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4:25 am
Fri June 27, 2014

Ann Arbor And Ypsilanti Mayoral Candidates Share Plans Together At Forum

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Ypsilanti Mayoral candidate Amanda Edmonds believes Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and neighboring communities will succeed or fail together.  She made these remarks Thursday at the Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber's unique mayoral forum that brought together candidates for the job in both cities.  

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on the unique Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber's Mayoral Forum.

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5:26 pm
Tue June 24, 2014

Literati Bookstore Hosting Ann Arbor Mayoral Debate

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

How will Ann Arbor's next mayor take on the challenges around the city's always changing downtown?  That will be among the primary topics discussed Wednesday night at a mayoral debate hosted by Literati Bookstore.  

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on the Ann Arbor Mayoral Debate Literati Bookstore is hosting.

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1:34 pm
Fri June 13, 2014

Meet Ann Arbor Candidates For Mayor Saturday

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

Primary elections are less than two months away so candidates are getting busy knocking on doors and sharing their vision.  Ann Arbor voters also have several chances to see all four Democrats running for Mayor in the coming weeks.  

89.1 WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on upcoming forums with the 4 democrats running to replace outgoing Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje.

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4:14 pm
Wed April 23, 2014

Ann Arbor Council Member Surveying Community On Park Options

Ann Arbor City Council member Sabra Briere.

The city of Ann Arbor is moving ahead with plans for a 12-thousand square foot park on the Library Lot, and one city council member wants to know what the community's envisions there.

Sabra Briere is conducting an online survey.  She says those who get her regular email updates will find the link in her message going out the first weekend in May.

"I'll also post the survey results, and the raw data, on my website," Briere says, "which is"

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5:14 pm
Tue April 15, 2014

University Of Michigan Class Led By Ann Arbor Mayor Hosting Forum Of Candidates To Be Next Mayor

Credit Andrew Cluley / 89.1 WEMU

The 4 Ann Arbor City Council members seeking Mayor John Hieftje's job will participate in a forum in his Ford School of Public Policy class Wednesday.  The forum set to begin at 1 in the afternoon in Weill Hall will be open to the public.   Hieftje says he doesn't know exactly what the students will be asking Sabra Briere, Sally Hart Petersen, Stephen Kunselman, and Christopher Taylor.

Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje discusses the types of questions his class at the University of Michigan's Ford School of Public Policy will likely be asking the four candidates to replace him.

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3:08 am
Wed February 19, 2014

Debate Continues Over Ann Arbor's Public Art Program

Ann Arbor City Council remains conflicted on the city’s public art program.  Council Tuesday night voted ten to nothing for an ordinance amendment that allows them to return old percent for art funds to their original source.  Two resolutions to actually do this however were postponed.  

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3:14 am
Wed January 22, 2014

Ann Arbor City Council Gives Approval to Move Forward With Downtown Zoning Changes

Ann Arbor City Council has passed a resolution asking the planning commission to move forward with some zoning changes on the edge of downtown. 

Council unanimously passed the resolution Tuesday night after asking the planning commission to also make suggestions on possible zoning changes for other downtown areas. 

Council member Sabra Briere says a lot of hard work remains on what core design guidelines should be considered for developers to be eligible to build larger projects.

Briere says the request for planning commission to review areas such as South University, Thayer, and Ann is in response to concerns raised by the community that the initial review was too limited.
She says the consultant that worked on the project and the planning commission noted this desire by the community to expand the scope of the project, but the planning commission's final recommendation was limited to the original council request.

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3:14 pm
Fri January 10, 2014

Sabra Briere announces intent to run for mayor of Ann Arbor

WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports on First Ward City Council member Sabra Briere announcing she will run for mayor of Ann Arbor

First Ward Ann Arbor City Council representative Sabra Briere is running to be the next mayor of Ann Arbor. Briere announced she's running in a letter today.

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Local News
3:14 am
Wed November 6, 2013

Briere Wins Re-Election to Ann Arbor First Ward City Council Seat

Voters in Ann Arbor's first ward have given Sabra Briere a fourth term on city council.  Briere claimed 66 percent of the vote to 32 percent for challenger Jeff Hayner yesterday. 

Briere says she thinks voters have appreciated her efforts to respond to their concerns.  Briere says she hopes voters also considered her communication efforts. 

Hayner says he believes just by running some of the issues he's been concerned about are getting discussed by city council.

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9:47 am
Thu October 3, 2013

Ann Arbor City Council 1st Ward Candidate Forum

In the November Elections, there are three city council candidates on the in Ann Arbor's 1st ward. One has  already dropped out of the race.  As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, the remaining two candidates shared their thoughts Wednesday night at a League of Women Voters of the Ann Arbor Area forum.

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Ann Arbor
7:31 am
Tue July 2, 2013

Ann Arbor City Council and DDA Form a New Look Committee

Ann Arbor City Council re-establieshes the "Mutually Beneficial Committee" with the DDA under the new name, "Joint DDA-Council Committee".

Ann Arbor city Council and the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority will have reformed an old committee, with a new name and different method of operation. As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, the move last night comes as changes are considered to the ordinance that created the DDA.