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In less than a week, Scio Township voters will decide if they will approve a millage that would expand public bus service in that area. 


For nearly a decade officials in Dexter have been in the process of making the switch from a village to become a city.  Voters get a final say in November.  Some see it as an opportunity, while others are concerned with what could be lost.


Michigan's next city could be in Washtenaw County.  Voters in the Village of Dexter decide in November if they approve of a proposed city charter.  Don't expect a lot of changes regardless of the outcome of the vote.

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards

Proposed changes to state law would allow some townships to regulate oil and gas drilling.  Critics of oil drilling in Washtenaw County say the bill doesn't go nearly far enough.

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards

It's ball one in Scio Township.  A Traverse City-based oil and gas company was looking for a strike as it dug its first exploratory well in search of fossil fuel deposits, but missed the plate.  Some local lawmakers and drilling opponents now hope to get on base in Lansing.

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards

The Scio Township Board of Trustees unanimously passed a six month moratorium on all oil and gas operations.  A lead critic of the drilling says this is already making a difference.

Patrick Gibson West Bay Exploration
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Efforts to block West Bay Exploration from drilling for oil in Scio Township have failed. The township board will still consider a temporary moratorium even though drilling has begun.

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards

A Grassroots Organization Vows To Fight On To Prevent Oil Drilling Despite Court Loss 

 Residents of Scio Township are somewhat divided about drilling for oil in their neighborhoods.

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards

Washtenaw County Circuit Court Judge David Swartz has ruled against Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards request for a temporary injunction to prevent the drilling of an exploratory well in Scio township.  It's a victory for West Bay Exploration and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards has filed suit in Washtenaw County Circuit Court, seeking to derail plans for an exploratory oil well in Scio Township.

The suit alleges the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality doesn't abide by its own permitting rules, and that the public was only involved in the process in a superficial manner. 

The MDEQ says its permitting process has a great record of prevailing in such cases. 

West Bay Exploration Company wants to drill the well.  It says the suit will delay the process, but looks forward to moving ahead with drilling.

Group Suing Over Scio Township Oil Drilling

Jul 16, 2014

The group Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards is taking the effort to prevent an exploratory well from being drilled in Scio Township to court.

The group would not say who it's targeting with the suit, but president Laura Robinson says the state Department of Environmental Quality failed when it issued a permit to West Bay Exploration Company. 

Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards holds an informational meeting at 7 tonight at the Scio Township hall.

Patrick Gibson West Bay Exploration
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The environmental risks of oil and gas developments and local solutions will be discussed Tuesday night at a meeting at the Scio Township Hall.  Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards are hosting the meeting which will include consultant and former Department of Environmental Quality official Chris Grobbel. 

Scio Township Mineral Rights Meeting
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The clock is already ticking for opponents of oil drilling in Scio Township.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has until June 20th to respond to West Bay Exploration's application for a new well.

Scio Township Mineral Rights Meeting
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Opponents of oil and natural gas drilling want to fill the Scio Township Hall for tonight's  Board of Trustees meeting.  The Township isn't expected to take any formal action, but Citizens for Oil-Free Backyards hope to have plenty of public comment.   

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Scio Twp residents living near the intersection of Zeeb and Dexter-Ann Arbor roads have received inquiries about leasing the mineral rights on their property from Traverse City-based West Bay Exploration Company.

Scio Township is getting a boost to its local economy.

A new Menards store is being built on Jackson Road near Staebler and is expected to open next spring.

Scio Township Treasurer Donna Palmer says the large chain store will likely act as anchor and help attract more businesses to the area.

"The big box stores often have other smaller businesses that surround them if they're in a shopping mall-type area," Palmer says, "so we'll see."

Palmer says the store will help local businesses by bringing more people to the area as well as increasing tax revenue.

Patrick Gibson
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Several hundred people learned more about oil exploration and mineral rights leases at Scio Township Thursday night.  Township officials held an informational meeting at the Washtenaw Intermediate School District facility on Wagner with a variety of experts because West Bay Exploration has leases to explore about one-thousand acres in the township.

A Traverse City-based company's plans to drill for oil or natural gas in Scio Township is setting off alarm bells with the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

Deputy Director Jack Schmidt says drilling operations bring with them problems like construction, trucks, and fumes and odors.

"The fact that this is occurring so close to potential residential areas, or could potentially be occurring close to residential areas is a concern," Schmidt says.

Schmidt says if oil spills, it can cause problems for local waterways.

A Traverse City-based company is moving forward with plans to possibly drill for oil or natural gas in an area just west of Ann Arbor.


As Concerns About the Pall/Gelman Plume Linger, Rep. Jeff Irwin Pushes House Bill to Require the MDEQ to Align Contaminate Clean-up Standards with EPA Standards

Pall Life Sciences is  leaving the Ann Arbor area this summer, prompting many to become concerned about the company's commitment to ongoing remediation of 1-4, Dioxane contamination.