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Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority


The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department has hiked the rate it charges the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority for water by 5.2 percent, and YCUA customers are being asked to help cover the increase.

The YCUA board Wednesday will consider water and sewer rate increases that are actually well below the 5 percent imposed by Detroit. 

Bob Eccles

The Ypsilanti Water Tower is known far and wide for its historical significance and its...unusual shape.  89.1 WEMU's Bob Eccles recently had the chance to tour this remarkable structure.


Detroit's emergency manager is thinking about privatizing the city's water and sewerage department, which provides water for the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority and scores of other communities in southeast Michigan.

YCUA Director Jeff Castro says the proposal is still in negotiations, but could have a local impact.

"The local suburban communities might not have as much say in certain aspects of the Detroit water and sewer system as we do today," Castro says.

April Is National Safe Digging Month

Apr 5, 2014
Bob Eccles

April is National Safe Digging Month, and as 89.1 WEMU's Bob Eccles reports, anyone who plans to do any digging associated with spring projects should find out about buried utility lines first.

For more information:  http://www.call811.com/

Ypsilanti Community Utilitites Authority

When temperatures dip this low, frozen pipes are a frequent problem for homeowners.   

Jeff Castro is Director of the Ypsilanti Community Utilitites Authority.  He says it's good for homeowners to be aware of the danger.

 Castro says the pipes most likely to freeze are those running along an exterior wall, or near a window. In cold weather, water meters can freeze, too.     

The American Red Cross suggests taking preventative steps, such as keeping garage doors closed if there are water supply lines there, opening kitchen and bathroom doors to allow heat to circulate around the plumbing, and letting cold water drip from faucets served by exposed pipes.     

If you need to thaw pipes, the Red Cross suggests wrapping them with an electric heating pad, or apply heat using a hair dryer or portable space heater - so long as its kept away from flammable material.  Never use an open flame to attempt to thaw frozen water pipes.

Washtenaw Avenue Partially Re-Opened in Ypsilanti

Jan 15, 2014

Two-way traffic is now flowing along the westbound lanes of Washtenaw Avenue between Mansfield and Hewitt, where crews are working to repair damage from a weekend water main break. 

Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority Director Jeff Castro says our recent frigid weather was to blame for the problem.

He says the bitter cold pushed frost deeper under the roadway, causing the break.