Underwriting/Corporate Support

Underwriting is financial consideration, either monetary or traded value, which directly supports the broadcast of public radio programs. Underwriters are companies or individuals who want to be identified with a station’s program service and audience.

To download our current media kit in a PDF file, click here:

WEMU Media Kit

For more information about underwriting, please email Rebecca Scott, or call her at (734) 487-2229.

A public radio station solicits and accepts financial support for its program service in exchange for on-air recognition of the underwriter. This recognition is regulated and strictly monitored by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). In exchange for financial support, a radio station is permitted, in fact required, to announce the company’s name and address. This recognition is announced at the beginning and end of the program or every hour, depending on program length. In addition, a telephone number may be included, as well as approximately 10 words describing the company’s "value-neutral" language. Underwriting is a donation to the station and receipted as such by the University. This contribution can be claimed on tax returns, depending on the company’s budgeting process.

WEMU accepts program underwriting from retail establishments, commercial enterprises, non-profit enterprises, and individuals with the following exceptions:

  • Religious or sectarian organizations.
  • Political parties or candidates.
  • Organizations involved in high-profile, controversial issues.

WEMU does not guarantee program exclusivity to underwriters who sign ROS (Run Of Schedule) contracts or to underwriters who do not purchase all of the available credits on that program. WEMU will endeavor to separate competing businesses or services by positioning their respective credits on non-consecutive program breaks and, whenever possible, will not schedule competitors on the same program.

If you are interested in Underwriting a program please call the station business line at 734-487-2229 or send e-mail to Rebecca Scott.

Day Sponsorships

An alternative way an individual can support WEMU is with a Day Sponsorship. With a contribution of $300 you can hear your personal message read on WEMU eight times in one day. It’s a great way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

If you are interested in a Day Sponsorship, please call the station business line at 734-487-2229 or send e-mail to Rebecca Scott.

WEMU reserves the right to edit all copy and/or decline sponsorships at its discretion.