A2 Council
8:18 am
Wed August 21, 2013

Ann Arbor Council Approves Drinking Water System Plan

Ann Arbor City Council has approved the sale of bonds to help maintain a pair of pump stations key to the city's drinking water system.  

As WEMU's Andrew Cluley reports, council last night agreed to sell  up to $31. million in  bonds to pay for system upgrades.

Ann Arbor agrees to sell over three million dollars in bonds to fund improvements to pump stations that fuel the city's drinking water supply.

A pair of pumps, crucial to Ann Arbor's drinking water system, will soon get needed electrical improvements. The upgrades will be funded by the sale of bonds to the state's Drinking Water Revolving Fund program.  

The City Council on Monday night unanimously approved the sale of $3.15 million in bonds.  Craig Hupy is the city's Public Services Administrator.  He says the bulk of the city's drinking water goes through the Barton Pump Station and improvements will also be made at the South Industrial Pump Station. The bonds will have below market interest rates at 2.5 percent and will be paid back through water system revenues.