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EMU Holds Spring Commencement This Weekend

Apr 25, 2014

Eastern Michigan University holds spring commencement ceremonies at the Convocation Center this weekend, with close to 3,000 students eligible to participate.

EMU graduates at 2012-13 Commencement.
Credit Randy Mascharka

Sarah Kersey Otto is EMU's Director of Career Development and Outreach.  She says these grads face a "modestly good" job market, with the business fields doing more hiring lately.

Kersey Otto says information technology grads are in high demand.

"Lots of employers are looking for graduates, looking for interns," Kersey Otto says, "and we're really not able to supply as many as they need.  So those are very positive signs."

Kersey Otto says those who have some time before graduation should consider an internship or other form of hands-on experience. 

And when you get the call to come in for an interview, make sure you research the field and employer. 

Ceremonies for graduates in EMU's colleges of Arts and Sciences and Technology begin at 9:30 Sunday morning.  The colleges of Education, Business, and Health and Human Services graduate at 2pm.