Michigan News
7:58 pm
Mon April 28, 2014

Gift From Alumnus Creates Congnitive Science Institute At U-M

The University of Michigan is creating an institute to study congnitive science, thanks to the generous donation of an alumnus.

Credit wikimedia.org

Marshall Weinberg is giving the school $7.7 million for the creation of the Weinberg Institute for Congnitive Science. 

Professor Sam Epstein is Director of the institute.

Institute director Sam Epstein says students choosing a congnitive science major will get a well-rounded education.

"I personally, and the university, owe a lot to Marshall," Epstein says, "and are indebted to him for his generosity."

Esptein says students who declare a congnitive science major will have four tracts to choose from:  Language and Congnition, Philosophy and Congnition, Decision and Cognition, and Computation and Congnition. 

He says cognitive science is not limited to one discipline, so students will take elective and required courses from at least three departments. 

Marshall Weinberg will receive an honorary doctorate at Michigan's sring commencement ceremonies this weekend.