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Mayor Threatens to Veto Court Facility Plan

Ann Arbor, MI – Ann Arbor's Mayor is threatening to use his veto power for the first time, after city council approved a one-million dollar contract to design a new court and police facility next to city hall.
Council voted seven to four Monday night to hire Quinn Evans Architects for the project. Mayor John Hieftje says his concerns about the city's finances has him considering a veto of the council's action.
Hieftje has 72 hours from the time he receives the minutes of the meeting to veto the measure.
City council member Chris Easthope says he hopes to persuade the mayor not to veto the project. He says the new facility is needed and will only cost more the longer the city waits.
The city needs to find a new location for the 15th district court because Washtenaw County officials will not renew the lease
for the court in its current location.