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More Primary Election Results

Aug 8, 2012

In Dexter Township, James Drolett has won the republican primary for Supervisor, defeating Kathryn Bowring.  Drolett will face incumbent Democrat Pat Kelly in November.
    In the Dexter Township Republican primary for the Treasurer's post, Libby Brushaber has defeated Mark Wojno.  Brushaber faces no opposition in November.

    In the Republican primary for Bridgwater Township's Board of Trustees, incumbent trustee David Faust and newcomer Wes Cowden won yesterday's vote.  Both will be unopposed in November.

    Rudy Layher has won the Republican primary for Freedom Township Treasurer and will unopposed in November.

Craig Maier has defeated incumbent Kenneth Unterbrink in the Republican primary for Lima Township
Supervisor. Maier will be unopposed in November.
    In the Lima Township republican primary for the board of trustees, incumbents Donald Laier and Gregory McKenzie are back in.  Neither is opposed in November.

    In the Republic Primary for Lodi Township Supervisor, incumbent Janann Kodek defeated two challengers and is unopposed in November.

    Over in Manchester Township, Gene DeRossett won the Republican primary for Supervisor and is unopposed in November.

    In Northfield Township, Marilyn Handloser Engstrom defeated incumbent Debra Mozurkwich for the Supervisor's post and will face Democrat Richard Rohrer in November.
    In the Republic primary for Northfied Township Clerk, incumbent Michelle Manning won yesterday and is unopposed in November.
13 candidates ran for a slot on the Northfield Township Board of Trustees in yesterday's primaries.
    On the Republican side, the winners were Wayne Dockett, Mark Stanalajczo, Jaquelyn Otto, and Jane Chick.
    On the Democratic side, the winners were Athena Trentin, Douglas Del Favero, David Gibbons Jr., and Tracy Thomas. 
    Those two groups will square off in November.

There were republican primaries for Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer, and the board of trustees in Salem Township yesterday.
    Gary Whitaker defeated incumbent Robert Heyl in the Supervisor's race.  Del Wensley won the Clerk's race, and Dale Converse defeated incumbent Paul Uherek for the Treasurer's post.
    The four winners in the trustees' race were David Trent, John Daniel, T.J. McLaughlin, and Maribeth Schmidt.  Those four face no opposition in November.

   Karen Zera, Patricia Stanton-Kawalec, Theresa Tupacz, Deborah Hoffman, and Joan Coxton were the five winners in the primary for Pittsfield Townhip's Parks Commission.  They are unopposed in November.

    In Sharon Township, Peter Psarouthakis won the Supervisor's primary and is unopposed in November.
    In the Sharon Townhip Clerk's race, it appears Chelsea Mikel has defeated incumbent Teri Auito.  However, it's less than a one percent margin. If it stands, Mikel will be unopposed in November.
    Incumbent Brian Simons easily defeated challenger Kathryn Parrish in the Sharon Township Treasurer's primary.  Simons faces no opposition in November.

In Republican primaries in Sylvan Township yesterday, it was a bad day for incumbents.
    Douglas Smith defeated incumbent LuAnn Koch for the Supervisor's post.  Rodney Banham defeated incumbent Arlene Grau in the Treasurer's race, and Kurt Koseck and Roy Schmidt out-polled incumbent Rueben Lesser for the board of trustees.

    In Webster Township, four incumbents were the top vote-getters in the republican primary for the board of trustees.  Charles Estleman, Gary Koch, Richard Keienschmidt, and John Westman advance to the November ballot where Democrat Bradley Gibson will try to unseat one of them.

    In York Township, incumbent republican John Stanowski has squeaked out a one percent win for the Supervisor's post.  He'll face Democrat Joan Alexander in November.
    Winners in the Republican primary for York Township board of trustees were Jane Kartje, Jill Hargrove, Brian Lott, and Dan Pichla.