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Pittsfield Township Considers Expanded AAATA Service

Sep 24, 2013

Pittsfield Township is considering a new five-year agreement with the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority that would include expanded service.   

Credit TheRide / Ann Arbor Transportation Authority

The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority is trying to build a so-called "urban core" model for regional transit, and part of that effort includes having communities it serves become members of the authority, or approve extended service agreements.  Such an agreement is being worked out with Pittsfield Township, where Supervisor Mandy Grewal says she's committed to exploring the options.

Among the service changes proposed are expansion of existing service to the lot near the Meijer store on Ann Arbor-Saline Road with a loop to Costco, service from the Mejier store on Carpenter Road to the Walmart store closer to Saline, and more service along Platt Road.  Previous agreements between Pittsfield Township and The Ride have been for one year, at a cost of about $150-thousand.  The new proposal is a five-year deal.

The five-year agreement with The Ride will give the Township more time to study ridership on expanded routes than a one-year contract would.  It will also give AAATA some financial stability as it looks to expand service in the region.